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6 More April Fools' Travel Jokes We Didn't Fall For

Entertainment | Donald Wood | April 02, 2015

6 More April Fools' Travel Jokes We Didn't Fall For

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April Fools' Day can feature some very usually straight-laced people trying their hand at the comedy game, but there are also some travel companies who really embody the spirit of the occasion and create very entertaining gags.

As seen on Wednesday, TravelPulse’s own Pat Clarke rounded up many of the top jokes already.

Fortunately for fans of comedy and well-planned April Fools' jokes, there were a plethora of other gags and hoaxes that made their way through the cracks, and we’ve compiled the best of the rest here.

Alamo Rents Monster Trucks

Offroading has become a huge pastime in the United States, and Alamo Rent A Car joined the craze on April Fools' Day by offering monster trucks to customers as rental options for vacation, according to a press release from the company.

The video seen below from Alamo talks about how monster trucks fit with the company’s goals and strategies and how the V-8 vehicles can enhance any vacation experience:

The best part of the entire joke is how serious the company took it. The press release is full or believable details, from the per-day price of $650 to the vehicles including “four standard helmets and seat harnesses.” You know, for the whole family!

While this was obviously a hoax, for a moment, I was really hoping to get behind the wheel of a monster truck. Joke's on me.

Petco Selling Selfie Sticks for Your Dog

One of the newest crazes in the world of photography is the selfie stick. The invention allows people to take a picture of themselves by putting their phone on the end and extending it away for a wider shot.

For April Fool’s Day, pet-store Petco invented the doggy selfie stick.

Not only does the company capitalize on the mad rush to buy selfie sticks, but the phony ad campaign also manages to make people laugh out loud at the site of a dog toting around a vest featuring a built-in selfie stick.

The kicker? You get a free cat selfie stick with the purchase of every dog selfie stick.

Virgin Australia Adds Pet Lounge

Another fantastically well-executed joke on April Fools' Day was Virgin Airlines Australia introducing a new lounge dedicated solely to the pets that travel on the company’s flights.

The full video from Virgin Airlines Australia regarding the pet lounge can be seen below:

From the world-first’s “premium paw entry” to perks for dogs who travel with the company often, this is a fully immersive lounge with no expense spared. Add in the pet lounge supervisor being assigned to make your pet passenger feel welcome when they arrive, and this is how you pull off a proper April Fools' Day joke.

Another aspect of making the hoax work so well is taking it seriously enough for people to buy it. The video is great on its own, but the addition of celebrity chef Luke Mangan to break down the food for the animals put it over the top.

Carnival Adding Ship with 44-Loop Roller Coaster

Cruise Lines have been a favorite way of traveling for tourists for a long time, but the industry has never seen a ship like the one reported on April Fools' Day would be coming soon.

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According to the phony report, plans have leaked for a new Carnival Cruise Lines ship—called the “Carnival Behemoth”—that will feature a 44-loop Roller Coaster that runs throughout the entire expanse of the ship and through all outdoor areas.

A non-existent anonymous source told the website, “While relaxing poolside, passengers can be entertained by the roller coaster cars whooshing just above their heads every 85 seconds.” The awfulness of that thought makes this joke even sweeter.

Delta Adds Kale Cookies

Delta Air Lines is one of the largest American carriers, and the company made an even bigger splash on April Fools' Day when it sent out on the official Delta Twitter page that the classic Biscoff cookies would now be made of kale:

While the vast majority of followers on Twitter knew it was a joke right away, there was an alarming number of passengers who were completely outraged at the notion that Delta would mess with their classic Biscoff cookies.

Don’t worry, Delta frequent fliers, the cookies are not really kale.

WestJet Adds Smart Seats

Arguably the funniest video from April Fools' Day was WestJet’s ad campaign introducing what it called "Smart Seats."

As seen in the video below, the company does its best to cut down on the waiting time for passengers by making the seats themselves automatically board the plane:

While initially this seems like a concept in today’s technology-driven world that a company somewhere is actually developing, it quickly goes awry when families are torn apart and seats begin to board the wrong flights.

The hilarious video takes advantage of the light-heartedness of the holiday.


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