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A Nation Divided: Girl Scout Cookies Differ Around the Country

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | March 04, 2015

A Nation Divided: Girl Scout Cookies Differ Around the Country

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Forget everything you thought you knew about Girl Scout cookies.

The LA Times’ Rosanna Xia and Jon Schleuss report on an item of national import and one that will change the very thing you hold most dear in this fragile, spinning world: cookies sold by adorable Girl Scouts are different throughout the country.

It seems that the nation is split in two. Now we aren’t talking about those who see white and gold and those who don’t. We are talking about what cookie you are getting and where.

We just assumed that everyone in this country enjoyed the same, smooth chocolate coating that covered thin mints. Then again, this writer is chowing down on sleeves of the stuff from Los Angeles.

According to the report, that isn’t the case. Here is a tweet that hints at the discrepancy of Girl Scout fare throughout the country:

The reason two neighbors in the form of Los Angeles and Orange County get different cookies is due to two bakers supplying the glut of the guilty pleasures.

The report states, “Two bakers supply the 200 million boxes sold every Girl Scout cookie season. ABC Bakers, owned by Interbake Foods and headquartered in Richmond, Va., has been baking for the Girl Scouts since 1937. Little Brownie Bakers, owned by Kellogg Co. and headquartered in Louisville, Ky., has been licensed by the Girl Scouts since 1974.”

There is even a wonderful infographic that illustrates just how split the nation is on a cookie level, showing those in Dallas recognize Samoas whereas those in Houston eat something called Carmel deLites.

The most polarizing cookie is the Thin Mint, which is explained as such: “Thin Mints are the only cookies that share the same name regardless of the baker. Thin Mints, which are trademarked, were first introduced in 1939 as Cooky-Mints," said Melanie Larsen, spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.

In the end what we assumed was wrong all along. When you travel the country and exit a market this time of year you make a decision similar to those around the country: How many boxes can I cram into the cupboard?

However, as the LA Times has so masterfully illustrated, the type of cookie you enjoy will be different depending on where you happen to live. 

The only certainty we can glean from this report is that those supplied by Little Brownie Bakers are obviously superior.


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