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Airbus' Latest Crazy Patent Will Have Passengers Flying On Top Of Each Other

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | October 06, 2015

Airbus' Latest Crazy Patent Will Have Passengers Flying On Top Of Each Other

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If Airbus follows through on the promise of a patent, you will have something in common with that mile-high submarine sandwich you had for lunch.

Images of Airbus’ new patent have filled the Internet, striking fear in the hearts of people who couldn’t stand the thought of sitting next to someone for a few hours, let alone having to sit under them, stacked to the roof of your respective plane. reports on what is merely a design possibility rather than a foregone conclusion.

Although the report doesn’t exactly sound pleasant: “Airbus has filed a patent for a split-level mezzanine seating design that would see passengers placed top of each other.”

Now not to worry, much. Commercial airlines wouldn’t actually have you lie down and then start stacking annoyed passengers on your person.

That would be ridiculous.

Thanks to some of the following images, we get an idea of where things could be headed.

Now many would argue that we have a serious lack of room in various airline cabins. Pretty soon we will have to ponder our feelings on snuggling strangers on a six-hour flight.  

As states, this idea may garner Airbus the ability to milk two more seats out of its business class offering.

The report states: “The design would be used in business class with the middle rows alternating between floor level and an elevated seating level. It would enable more seats to fit into the premium cabins where passengers are normally seated six across.”

From the above figures, you would then have two seats sidled next to each other with two more in the middle that are accessible by stairs.

It’s an idea that rests somewhere between absurdity and insanity. However, the report is quick to remind that Airbus files some 600 patents a year, many of which remain in the realm of pure fantasy.

For example, we previously noted designs that would have passengers fly with helmets on their heads or enjoy the comfort of bicycle seating.

The report goes on to cite Airbus, which maintains there would still remain a “high level of comfort for the passengers using the seat arrangement.”

We do have to say that we may take climbing some steps to get to our seat over climbing over a stranger when we have to use the bathroom in the middle of a flight.


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