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Anglophenia Solves British Swear Words For Us Proper Americans

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 21, 2015

Anglophenia Solves British Swear Words For Us Proper Americans

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Anglophenia has done it again, immersing us in British culture over the course of a brief video and teaching us the peculiarities of the foreign language known as English.

Kate Arnell takes us all on a possibly NSFW tour of the particulars behind proper British cursing.

Now these all seem pretty benign to us, but you may be sensitive to words like the one that doubles for describing a portion of lawn as well as an expletive to tell someone to leave the premises immediately.    

So listen and enjoy at your leisure and discretion.

However, we did find a ton to appreciate as far as possible back-stories for these British colloquialisms.

Our favorite part might be the explanation for the word “bloody,” which we have heard a bit in passing but never stopped to think as to its origins.

As Arnell offers, “Some say it came from the rowdy aristocratic youths of the 17th and early 18th century who were known as bloods.”

The British version of the "Bloods" were known for their benders and tended to get a bit vociferous with their naughty words. So perhaps that’s where this now muted swear word began.

We just like to think there was a gang of highfalutin miscreants a couple of centuries ago giving the name Bloods a properly bad name.

Now you are armed with words to toss around in the pub on your next trip. However, if you are on the receiving end of these, something terribly wrong has just occurred.

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