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April Fools' 2016: 8 Pranks We're Not Falling For (And One We Did)

Entertainment | Donald Wood | April 01, 2016

April Fools' 2016: 8 Pranks We're Not Falling For (And One We Did)

Some people love April Fools' Day and the jokes and pranks that come along with the holiday, but the travel industry seems to have turned it into more of an art form. Every year, we're promised too-good-to-be-true possibilities opening up in nearly avenue of travel, and every year, it turns out to be a prank.

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get tricked. Believe me…

With some of the top companies in the cruise, car rental and airline industries getting into the mix by pranking travelers, here are the best fake news bits from April Fools' Day.

Royal Caribbean in Space

Royal Caribbean International today announced the 2030 launch of the Orbiter of the Galaxies space craft, which the company says will be able to take guests to space in the comfort they have come to expect from the line’s fleet of ships.

Royal Caribbean was so dedicated to the Orbiter of the Galaxies space craft prank that the company designed an entire page on its website for the fake news. These pranks are no joke.

Alberta Motor Association Adding Roadside Comfort Pet Program

There is nothing worse when traveling than blowing out a tire or having engine trouble, but the Alberta Motor Association wants to make the ordeal more manageable with a new Roadside Comfort Pet program.

The program pairs stranded, stressed-out motorists with specially-trained therapy animals, while the Alberta Motor Association handles the issue with your car. This may be a joke, but it’s an incredible idea.

Virgin America Introduces a “New” Logo

Virgin America is celebrating April Fools' Day with a new logo that’s looks subtlety seductive. While the “new” logo and how the company’s website describes it will make you laugh, it is nothing compared to the other logos considered that resembled phallic symbols.

The original logo was working just fine, but when looking at the other options, the logo introduced on April Fools' Day is one of the least offensive.

W Hotels Want You to Share a Room with Strangers

In a world where ride-sharing services have grown in popularity, W Hotels has introduced the new wPOOL room-share app, which allows guest to share their room with random strangers.

The idea behind the wPOOL room-share app is to allow people share their room and split the cost, making a luxury stay more affordable.

WestJet Eliminating Flight Attendants with Robotic Automated Light Food Handler

WestJet announced on April Fools' Day that the airline would be replacing all standard-issue food and beverage carts with the Robotic Automated Light Food Handler.

While the idea of a machine that delivers food and drinks based on utilizing a powerful memory, a facial-recognition camera and an audio conveyance system would be amazing, the prank clearly is just having fun. Although, don’t be surprised if this joke turns into reality someday.

Hooters Bought a Tropical Island and Wants You to Visit

To capitalize on the success of the Hooters restaurant chain, the company released fake news that Hooters had bought a tropical island and would be opening a resort which would offer restaurants, ziplining, parasailing, spa services and more.

As if the Hooters Private Island Beach Resort didn't already sound too good to be true, the employees on the island would all be Hooters Girls, and Hooters Calendar shoots would also take place on the island. Hooters really is giving away a trip to Cozumel, though, and you can enter via the company’s website.

Airlines Joining the April Fools’ Day Madness

First, Hipster Air has become England’s newest boutique airline for the ultimate hipsters in the world. With destinations chosen based on Instagram worthiness, the company’s tagline of “If you like it, then we probably won’t” is perfect.

In a fantastic video, Virgin Australia has announced that it will begin offering a new class on its flights, dubbed Kids Class. It will be the first adult-free aircraft cabin.

Alamo Offers Retro Station Wagons, Completely Fools Me

It’s easy to point at others who fall for jokes on April Fools’ Day and laugh, but that’s until you get suckered into one of these fake news stories. Then it’s even funnier!

Alamo Rent A Car announced earlier this week that the company would offer classic woodies station wagons during the summer for families to use during vacation. Maybe it was the nostalgia in my eyes or my desire to ride in old station wagons, but Alamo’s prank fooled many people, including me.


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