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Behold the Drone Selfie, Regular Selfie's More Ridiculous Cousin

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 29, 2015

Behold the Drone Selfie, Regular Selfie's More Ridiculous Cousin

Image via YouTube

We did it, everybody. We have gone from creating fire to crafting the wheel to manufacturing computers to inventing the drone selfie.

Take a bow, humanity. These are the kinds of innovations that make travel photography a worthwhile endeavor.

The Telgraph’s Leon Siciliano reports on an unnamed videographer’s dazzling video that captures various parts of Montreal.

While that doesn’t sound like an intriguing use of your time, consider that the images were used with a drone, which lends to some of the more inventive selfies we have seen.  

The video seems to have been originally posted to YouTube by Viva Frei with this notation: “Second attempt at drone selfies in various Montreal locations, this time using the DJI Phantom II with stabilizing gimbel. The gimbel makes all the difference.”

Details are a bit scant at the moment, so please let us know if you have any further information we might share.

The New York Post does add, “The videographer wanted to illustrate a concept that astronauts often describe after viewing the Earth from space—about how they gain perspective on their tiny place in the universe.”

That’s a wonderful sentiment, but we might also add this is a killer way to capture you and your passed-out friends during your next spring break vacation.

When looking around for any further info, we did come across this report from CNET on Nixie, a drone that also captures selfies:

This boomerang photographer pretty much renders your selfie stick obsolete. It also makes for wading through scores of drones at global landmarks a forgone conclusion.

Forget pesky pigeons, because one day you may have to duck because a group of tourists want to snap off a family photo.

We are just glad to see innovators are hard at work crafting solutions to the world’s greatest dilemma: mastering the art of the selfie.

One day, if there are breakthroughs in science we have yet to dream, we may one day be able to snap of a selfie from a Mars-sized camera outstretched somewhere off Jupiter.


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