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Blood, Gore And Walkers Greet Fans At Touring Walking Dead Experience

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | March 25, 2016

Blood, Gore And Walkers Greet Fans At Touring Walking Dead Experience

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Fans of “The Walking Dead” finally have that rooting-around-in-a-man’s-chest experience for which they have always yearned for. (Hey some people like to walk around at Disneyland and others like to dig through a good chest cavity. Who are we to judge?)

Fox News reports on a zombie soiree that is touring the nation, bringing screams and undead thrills to anyone willing to cough up $60 for the adventure.

It’s called The Walking Dead Experience – Chapter One, which flirts with the notion that there may just be more if this tour goes well.

The fun will next descend upon the good people of Salt Lake City, followed by Denver on April 2-3, so get your pitchforks and baseball bats ready accordingly. According to the report, the carnage will visit other cities around the nation, such as Chicago, Charlotte and Atlanta.

Essentially, as part of the event you can tour what is a 10,000 square foot area while donning garb and make-up that only a zombie mother could love, scaring anyone foolish enough to come your way.

Conversely, you can play the part of a ho-hum human, exploring and dealing with walkers, which is where that nasty chest business comes in.

Fox News describes a scenario where you walk in on quite the sinister scene: “If you go in as a human, the handcuffed woman — she's the one moaning ‘They're going to kill me!’ — needs to be ungagged. Then she'll give you some more unsettling news: The key to her handcuffs was swallowed by the gentleman on the couch. The one with the hole in his gut.”

If this sounds like a good time, then you have been watching entirely too much TV. Congrats!

You can drop $60 on either the walker or survivor scenario or pony up $120 for a combo deal.

For $140, you get authentic walker make-up as well as an experience not saddled by a time limit.

Now get on out there and be the best darn zombie you can be.


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