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Can You Spot The Naked Man In This Awesome Shanghai Picture?

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | March 02, 2016

Can You Spot The Naked Man In This Awesome Shanghai Picture?

Photo via Big Pixel Studio

Let’s play an adult version of Where’s Waldo. Only, instead of finding a goofy looking guy in red and white stripes, you look for a goofy looking guy wearing a very blurry birthday suit.

Thanks to technology, we now get to surprise people who brazenly gaze upon the city below with nothing on but the phone they have to their ears.

That’s exactly what people are spotting in this latest super-pixel image.

Nudity aside for the moment, Fox News reports that the image of Shanghai, found at Big Pixel Studio, is a whopping 24.9 billion pixels.

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That alone warrants a few moments to click through the picture and savor a virtual tour of the metropolis.

But there are a couple of Easter eggs of note. The one that has this image garnering global fame is the unsuspecting bloke in one of the buildings who presents to the entire world his wonder.

Now we have to offer a spoiler alert if you want to search the above image link on your own.

If not, we can give you the answer key here. The person who is reportedly a man — although it looks more like an amorphous humanoid without a specific gender — can be seen in the photo below.

One building to the left of the Aurora structure is the Pudong Shangri-La hotel, which apparently has the best view in town.

It’s the kind of view that demands an unfettered look upon the city below.

And because this image is billions of pixels, it makes sense that there is more than one item of note.

Fox News states that you can also see a man along the waterfront in a precarious situation, pulling up his pants with both hands.

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Well, we spent entirely too much time looking for him and couldn’t. Come to think of it, we were never all that good at those Waldo books.

This does raise a very good lesson for travelers out there. Always wear clothes on the balcony or at the window, because you never know who is taking pictures or what expensive mega-pixel camera they might be using.

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