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Celebrate National Superhero Day With Batman and Superman’s First Cruise

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 28, 2016

Celebrate National Superhero Day With Batman and Superman’s First Cruise

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Batman and Superman have battled the most nefarious villains in the DC universe. They have gone to war with one another. And, most importantly, they shared a tiny cabin aboard a cruise ship on holiday the first time they met.

Thursday is National Superhero Day, which means it’s perfectly fine to play hooky from work and read your comic books all day. (We highly recommend not divulging the entire story to said employer, however).

This also marks an especially wonderful moment for the travel industry. Because, as you all know, Batman first appeared with Superman way back in 1952 in Superman Vol. 1 #76 when the pair met on a cruise ship.

The comic’s titled “The Mightiest Team In the World,” which is only slightly dumber than “Dawn of Justice.”   

DC Comics’ Wiki page walks us through this remarkable superhero yarn that features two alter egos finding out that by happenstance they would have to share a room aboard a cruise ship. [Cue the Debbie Downer noise]

Image via DC Wikia

Let’s see if we can sum up quickly.

Batman has just cleaned up Gotham completely.

And with nary a criminal on the loose, he decides to take a cruise. Coincidentally, Superman decides he is in need of some relaxation so he books a trip on the same cruise, the good ship Varania.

Before we continue, we should say that Batman and Superman don’t take cruises. Families take cruises. Retirees take cruises. Bachelorette parties take cruises. People with an unhealthy predilection for buffet menus take cruises.

Superheros that have the ability to fly – either by Batwing or the power of the sun – travel the globe solo.

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In any case, it seems Varania was overbooked or something, because Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, a man who can afford several ships, are forced to room together.

Before the ship leaves, some doofus explodes a fuel truck, which is his elaborate way to get away with stolen diamonds.

Kent and Wayne change into Superman and Batman, respectively. It’s at this moment the two realize they are actually more than just a middling reporter and the world’s richest man.

We kind of wish the scene played out with befuddled looks and ten minutes of, “But…I’m…That means you’re…But then…So that means…”

The rest unfolds kind of like it would if Warner Bros. had booked Adam Sandler to replace Zack Snyder (which may have worked out better in the end).

The dastardly fiend, John Smilter, makes his way onto the Varania with the diamonds and the dynamic duo are forced to head onboard to foil his escape plan.

While the two sleuth their way to unveil the suspect they are forced to pull a fast one on Lois Lane so as to preserve their most treasured identities.   

This includes Kent feigning sickness, Superman taking Batman to Gotham for a quick crime thwarting and Wayne disguising himself as Kent.

All in all, it’s a great read and marks the first time, in Earth One, that the Bats and Supes play nicely together.

But, then again, you shouldn’t actually pop this open if you own it. According to Comic Book Realm, the thing goes for $4,000, so keep that baby in its plastic cover.

Now remember, the greatest story that DC Comics ever told happened somewhere else. But, thankfully, the 76th issue of Superman took place on a cruise ship.

Treasure that little nugget as you eat Doritos and watch superhero movies on this most magnificent of days.


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