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Central Perk Singapore Promises To Bring 'Friends' To Life In Singapore

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | September 15, 2016

Central Perk Singapore Promises To Bring 'Friends' To Life In Singapore

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So no one told you life was going to be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke and the new Central Perk is opening all the way in Singapore.

It’s not like you can just pop down to meet all of your friends as if it were Java Joe’s or something.   

Thankfully, news of a new “Friends” themed café opening up in Singapore just means we not only have to book a flight but now have to loosen up our itinerary to include this awesome stop.

Lonely Planet recently spotted something quite wonderful lurking on Facebook. Here is a post that has us more excited than Gunther if he ever got a date with Rachel.

The images are from Central Perk Singapore, which promises it will soon open at the Central Mall located at 1 Magazine Road #01-01.

The scant information we know for sure is gleaned from the brief Facebook post that gives us some semblance of what fans might expect when it opens on November 24.

We do have to say that the entire enterprise, if successful, is quite extensive (edited for clarity): “Other than the main set of the café, we will also be introducing an extension of a studio set area, outdoor alfresco Streets of New York (recreated indoors), and also a ‘Friends’ corner, featuring character themed wall and iconic themed furniture, Patsy the dog, Pacman machine, Monica(‘s) Kitchen, Joey’s Italian Fine craftsmanship cabinet and ‘Friends’ themed merchandise with floor space totaling more than 3,300 sq. feet.”

Other than the fact that it’s Pat the dog, not Patsy the dog, we are in for whatever the purveyors might provide.

If you were wondering how popular the show remains, the café is the byproduct of a funding initiative that began as recently as this past June.

The following is a video that welcomed fans to give to the pop culture cause.

Just a few months later and Central Perk will be a reality. The Facebook post even ballyhoos the need for servers for the restaurant.

We would warn against hiring anyone named Joey or Rachel – they tend not to get their work done and just talk to their self-involved friends instead.

Hopefully, we find ourselves in Singapore one day and pop in to perhaps find a Phoebe belting out odd songs or a Ross bloke playing “wordless sound poems” for the regulars.

We can dream anyway.

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