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Chris Pratt, Airbnb, Top Gear and More Tantalizing Travel News

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 17, 2015

Chris Pratt, Airbnb, Top Gear and More Tantalizing Travel News

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If you’re shy but have a love of singing, we might suggest practicing your vocal range on the New York City subway, because nobody is listening.

That is just one of the lessons we learned from yet another fantastic week in pop culture and travel.

Now we have for you some Chris Pratt shenanigans as well as seagull tomfoolery. And, because this was an especially wacky week, we have a couple instances of celebrities hanging onto airplanes for dear life.

We are all full this week, but we would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for stories we may have missed.

Seagull Swipe:

This was the week that we learned that seagulls have a penchant for thievery as well as sweeping cinematography.

The above video shows a bird out for a pleasant stroll in the Spanish Cies Islands when it spots a GoPro to steal.

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Tom Cruise Plane Ornament:

Tom Cruise is about to open yet another “Mission: Impossible” movie, which seems to feature similar stunts and explosions as other past movies.

Of course, there is something we haven’t seen before in the form of Cruise dangling from a giant airplane as it takes off.

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Chris Pratt’s Lego Journey:

Chris Pratt is traveling the world, taking his film “Jurassic World” along for the ride. And, while premiering the blockbuster dino romp, he stopped by various landmarks to take Lego Owen selfies.

Pratt continues to dominate the Internet.

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Richard Hammond Plane Ornament:

“Top Gear” said its final farewell to three beloved hosts this week. The Series 22 finale featured one of the more remarkable stunts from the show as Richard Hammond strapped himself onto the top of an airplane.

We imagine even the Stig wouldn’t have agreed to this one.

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Creepy Airbnb:

Airbnb launched a new ad campaign this week. According to the commercial, Airbnb is hoping to creep you out so much that you are forced to use its service.

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Brandy on Broadway: 

Brandy is a famous singer who is now performing on Broadway in “Chicago.”

On the New York City subway, she is just another quirky person singing while nobody listens.

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