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Conan O'Brien, Cat Island and Pee Walls Lead Week's Most Important News

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | March 06, 2015

Conan O'Brien, Cat Island and Pee Walls Lead Week's Most Important News

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Conan O’Brien made history while dancing the rumba, Hamburg walls are peeing on their tourists and we have a week of crazy to unpack.

Welcome to another week of shenanigans from around the world, presented like an adorable little amuse-bouche to get your weekend started.

What we have for you below are the best stories from the week, which feature a historic turn in Cuba, an innovative way to stave off public urination and, perhaps most importantly, a story for the cat lovers in your life.

Cat Island:

Tucked away on Aoshima in Japan lurks a city governed by cats. There is a cat mayor; a cat dry cleaner and a cat newspaper delivery service.

Nah, just kidding. It’s just an island teeming with cats—so many that it’s become a tourist attraction.

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Cutting a Rug in Cuba:

Conan O’Brien opened our eyes and our hearts to Cuba this week with a historic episode. He also took the opportunity to show off moves we haven’t seen since Dirty Dancing.

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Urine Justice:

Locals in St. Pauli, Hamburg, were fed up with tourists and revelers urinating on walls around town.

So they came up with the kind of solution borne out of mental exhaustion: They painted the walls with pee-repelling paint.

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Harrison Ford Crashes:

From the silly to the serious, Harrison Ford reportedly crashed his vintage plane at a Venice golf course on Thursday.

Thankfully, Friday reports issued Ford was in “fair to moderate” condition at a local hospital.

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Batman Room:

Nothing says romantic getaway like a room ripped from your pre-adolescence. The video above shows off the Batman room at Taiwan’s The Eden Motel.

It doesn’t come with a butler named Alfred, but it does come with the kind of sophistication a 12-year-old comic-book nerd adores.

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Buy a Walker Paradise:

We found out this week that it was A) possible to buy a town for under $1 million and B) feasible to do so on eBay as if the buildings were some rare issue of Hellboy.

This particular town has tourist potential as it was also used in an episode of The Walking Dead. It was the one where zombies meandered about without direction and the group made decisions that seemed ridiculous. You see that one?

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Now if you excuse us we have piggy banks to smash and couches to pilfer. With enough change we plan on opening this town for lucrative business.

We may just place a Batman-themed hotel in the middle of it all. We figure we already own the bed sheets.


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