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Cristiano Ronaldo's Insane Japanese Commercial Is All Kinds of Wonderful

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar August 08, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo's Insane Japanese Commercial Is All Kinds of Wonderful

Cristiano Ronaldo marvels at Japanese device, via YouTube.

Japan really has the WTF market cornered.

This week really was like any other: viral videos came and went on various websites, showing us how to push a train or how to properly make pancakes, but one truly reigned supreme.

It features renowned world football star Cristiano Ronaldo in a Japanese commercial for, as best we can tell, a device that is like a Shake Weight for the face:

Yes, you can pretty much get a celebrity to endorse anything nowadays. Similarly, you can pretty much find anything you can imagine within the confines of Japan, or so it seems.

This dandy of a commercial go us thinking about all the other products Japan has to offer, giving us a wealth of bucket-list items to cross off.

Here are just some of my favorites:

Vending Machines: Here in Los Angeles, we finally got an instant burrito vending machine, which we assume is used for adrenaline junk food junkies. However, Japan takes the cake when it comes to vending versatility.

Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft has a wonderful list of some of the more extraordinary, including my favorites: one that dispenses sake and beer and another that sells noodles, because you never know when you will have to kill two gastrointestinal birds with one foreign currency stone.

Nine Hours Hotel: If you want a peculiar tale to take home, perhaps consider charging your own personal battery by sleeping in a sci-fi like pod at the Nine Hours Hotel, which offers the absolute bare necessity when it comes to sleep.

It’s like a doggy kennel but for humans.

Burgers: Don’t call it fast food, because it’s overly ridiculous food done quickly. Business Insider’s Ashley Lutz and Alaina McConnell compiled a list of Japanese specific fast food, giving us a glimpse at the Burger King Big Bacon, featuring 15 slices of bacon—essentially, 15 reasons to order it.

The Saddest Product Ever Invented: has a list of Japanese wonders, which features a pillow that negates the need for an actual human for impromptu snuggle sessions.

Image via MMOABC (via

The only problem is buying enough pillows for what we have to assume are the 15 cats you own as well.

TP Machine: Lastly, we had to include a product (h/t Mashable) that seems to be great for the environment. Granted, you can’t stow away this in your carry-on luggage, but we hope you will forgive us, because it’s fantastic: 

From toilet paper problems to crafting that winning smile, Japan has it all…and then some.

As for Ronaldo, The Wall Street Journal’s Jun Hongo notes, “while the superstar player appears impressed with the gear, he never actually puts the Facial Fitness Pao in his mouth during the 30-second clip.”

Perhaps that’s because, like us, there is no need to exercise that smile when you catch a glimpse of all the treasures this country has to offer. 

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