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Despite Historic Victory, Boaty McBoatface May Hit Cutting Room Floor

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 18, 2016

Despite Historic Victory, Boaty McBoatface May Hit Cutting Room Floor

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There is one name that invokes fear in arctic ice. One name that will ring from sea to shining sea with distinction, class and sophistication: McBoatface. Boaty McBoatface.

Let that serve as all the introduction you need to the greatest moniker for a shipping vessel of all time – and one that will have a serious crew of researchers cringing throughout the duration of their voyage.   

As CNN reports, and as we all well presumed would happen, Boaty McBoatface won the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) poll that served to christen its newest vessel, which will be used to scour the polar region.

The name is rather perfect for an icebreaker. Boaty McBoatface just sounds like someone who would constantly bang into objects clumsily.

In this case, the ramming will be by design, and so, hopefully, will be the name thanks to the myriad individuals that took time from their day to launch one of the 124,109 votes that made this very special moment possible.

The real prize, obviously, goes to BBC’s James Hand who started all the nonsense.

As CNN reminds, Hand tossed out the name as a whimsical suggestion only to see the fruits of his labor sprout and run rampant all over the Internet.

Even Royal Caribbean International got in on the fun as our own Jason Leppert discovered recently.

The cruise line was so enamored with Hand’s ability to take an object and rename it with such zeal and panache that it offered the BBC presenter a chance to name one of its ships.

Might we suggest any of the following: Shippy Shiperson, Tom Cruise, Fantastic Voyage or just simply Boat.

The NERC, for its part, hasn’t officially dubbed its ship Boaty McBoatface quite yet.

The latest release from the NERC reads: “Tonne-for-tonne, the ship - together with NERC's existing two blue water research ships - will provide the UK with the most advanced floating research fleet in the world and will help put the UK at the forefront of ocean research for years to come.”

The release continues specifically on the name: “NERC will now review all of the suggested names and the final decision for the name will be announced in due course.”

Its Twitter and Facebook page echoes that sentiment, which is a bit troubling for Team McBoatface.

This is the kind of news that you announce quickly, unless you have someone in the room who isn’t all that fun at parties.

This is the same person who likes to turn the music down so they might better engage in worthwhile conversation; the same person who rambles on during the commercials during the Super Bowl.

This person presumably decided the NERC should hold off and decide whether it’s truly wise to name its vessel Boaty McBoatface.

We say when perfection is right there in front of your face you grab it with both arms and dare not let go.

Here’s to hoping that Boaty McBoatface gets its day on the open seas in 2019.


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