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Discover The Most Fiendish Tricks and Treats Around The World

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar October 28, 2016

Discover The Most Fiendish Tricks and Treats Around The World

IMAGE: Try not to get spooked over these tricks and treats from around the world. (Image courtesy Hoppa)

We might ask you to pause putting together your Donald Trump costume for just a moment to see what really scares and delights countries around the world.

Airport transfer service Hoppa put together a ghoulishly delightful infographic, which we have posted below. Using sources like MentalFloss and Smithsonian articles, Hoppa scoured the Internet for some frightening global factoids.

It’s called Trick or Treat: Halloween Around The World, and it gives a wonderful glimpse at what frightens 12 various countries. For example, legend has some believing that the area features invisible elves in Iceland. In England, 13 percent of people have a fear of laughter.

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Thankfully, the graphic isn’t all about scares. Hoppa also peppers the graphic with the most popular candies in the world. Those in India and England can’t get enough of the milk chocolate in Cadbury delicacies. While Japan flips for Kit Kat bars.

It also broke down the top fear and treat around the world. Spiders and Snickers, take a bow because you are the most horrifying and delicious, respectively.

(Image courtesy Hoppa)