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Disney World Just Accepted A 22-Year-Old Ticket

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 25, 2016

Disney World Just Accepted A 22-Year-Old Ticket

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Scared to don those Mickey ears you felt were a good idea last year? Well, one woman just used a 22-year-old Disney World ticket, and it worked.

It makes sense because the wonder of the Magic Kingdom is timeless; you can’t bottle the brilliance of this place with real-world constraints, and there was no expiration date on the original ticket.

In any case, we are in absolute awe after reading WOFL Fox 35’s report on the adorable 4-year-old Chelsea Herline who two decades later turned into the enterprising adult Chelsea Herline.

According to the report, Herline was with her family on a trip to Walt Disney World in 1994.

That was the year “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Forrest Gump” premiered in theaters. It was also the first time Herline used what was a four-day pass to the special amusement park.

As the report states, Herline fell ill on the final day so it was never used to its completion. Let’s time travel to the present day: we have smartphones, self-driving cars and Herline’s father is finding the ticket anew after some rummaging.

Herline relays to the station: “He was cleaning our basement, and he found the ticket in our safe in the basement, so he had kept it for 22 years, and he knew we had a trip to Florida coming up, so he brought the ticket with him.”

And here is that magical ticket:



Herline continues to spin this yarn: “So, I  walked up, and there was a girl at the ticket counter, and I approached her with a big smile and I said hi, I have a really old ticket, will you let me in, and so she said, 'Of course!'"

That’s typical Disney hospitality, but it’s shocking nonetheless: “I was very surprised that it worked, but at the same time, the ticket didn't have an expiration date on it, so I thought there was a small chance they would let me in, but I didn't realize it could be that easy."

And of course, you’re wondering how much this bout of ticket hoarding saved Herline.

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Fox News states that at the time, a one-day ticket would be $36 in 1994, proving the 90s were indeed the best decade.

Now you can expect to drop $110 on a trip to Disney World. Sure, you can Instagram your trip, but if we can’t wear Hypercolor shirts while doing so what are we even doing?

We imagine this story will do wonders for those encouraging family members to rid various kitchen drawers of outdated coupons.

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