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Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton In Only Polls That Matter

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | August 12, 2015

Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton In Only Polls That Matter

Image via Travelzoo

Imagine taking a trip with Donald Trump or a holiday with Hillary Clinton. Depending on your political leanings, you are more than likely cringing about now.

However, not everybody is so easily dissuaded from a vacation with a famous politician, as evidenced by an extremely entertaining infographic presented by Travelzoo (h/t Fox News). 

The website asked “1,223 adults” various questions that pertain to enjoying a holiday getaway with various presidential candidates.

About a quarter of the respondents, who we have to think were confused by the line of questioning, would actually enjoy things like a road trip with Donald Trump.

If we are ever locked in a car for 12 hours with Trump, send help. We don’t think we can stand 15 minutes of being called a loser because we didn’t stop at the last turn off for Burger King.

As you will see, the rest of the responses are just as wacky:

Trump, as he has done with the rest of the Republican Party, is just laying waste to the other politicians in this poll.

He was the top choice for every question save one. Apparently, Clinton is your go-to politician of choice when snorkeling is involved.

While this might be the most random accolade ever fathomed, Clinton can now run on the platform “Hillary Clinton: I’m A Great Snorkel Buddy.”

As for the rest of the poll, I am assuming that the respondents would like to come away from their hypothetical vacation with one hell of a story. That’s the only thing we can think of when people pick him to be their neighbor on a plane (25 percent), on a road trip (23 percent), on a holiday in Europe (34 percent) or as some to share a dinner with (26 percent).

It should be noted that a whopping 34 percent of respondents would not want to sit next to Trump on an airplane, which is a few points ahead of Clinton, whom 30 percent of people would want to avoid in the air as well. Thankfully, you are not mandated to take a trip with any of these candidates. They remain available to you solely by television, which, unlike your respective holiday mate, allows you to turn them off whenever you like.


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