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Eating Alone Is Delicious At This Japanese Ramen Shop

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar November 03, 2016

Eating Alone Is Delicious At This Japanese Ramen Shop

PHOTO: Eating by yourself is all part of the experience at Ichiran. (Photo courtesy Facebook/Ichiran)

We have just the place for you misanthropes who happen to love delicious bowls of lip-smacking ramen.

At Ichiran, it’s just you, your bowl of delicious ramen and, well, do you need anything else?

Many have experienced the solitary, soulful meal at this restaurant spot peppering Japan. You can view its official website, which also walks visitors through the particulars of this unique ramen shop. The great news is that this experience has landed stateside in the form of a budding hot spot in Brooklyn, New York (h/t

According to, Ichiran is that unique dining experience that asks its diners to eat alone, leaving the idle banter between loved ones and friends for another time. When you eat at Ichiran, it’s all about the food and whatever crazy thing pops into your suddenly available mind.

It’s like walking up to the bar and asking the bartender for one of his finest. Only, in this case, you sit on a stool facing absolutely nobody and you don’t order as much as you circle items on a sheet of paper. In time one will appear in front of you thanks to a pair of arms joined to a face hidden behind an overhanging menu.

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Anyone having a bad day or simply yearning for a solitary moment with their thoughts will adore the concept. explains: “Ichiran’s first restaurant opened in 1960 in Nanokawa, Fukuoka, Japan. Now, they have 61 locations, serving up tonkotsku ramen, a style of soup made with pork bone broth (sorry, Bushwick vegans) and thin noodles, as opposed to the customary curly ones.”

This isn’t the place you go to on a first date or the spot you take your friends on your birthday, but it is the place you head on over to when you simply want to eat and be alone, which can be a magical and, sadly, rare occurrence these days.

Finally, there is an American solution to a delicious meal without all that pesky human interaction.