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Expedia Unveils Travel Posters To Celebrate Nearly Forgotten Wildlife

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar October 21, 2016

Expedia Unveils Travel Posters To Celebrate Nearly Forgotten Wildlife

IMAGE: Travel poster celebrates the now extinct but wondrous Tasmania thylacine. (Image courtesy Expedia UK)

Here is something of a wonderful hypothetical for travel and zoological buffs.

Expedia UK recently unveiled a series of delightful travel posters that champion the oft unheralded: those long since passed animals we rarely consider.

The article is entitled “Unknown Tourism: Commemorating the Wildlife We’ve Lost.”

The series allows one to go back in time and recall a treasured animal that because of either circumstance or fate has become iconic to the region. 

For example, what you see above is the thylacine, which Wikipedia states became extinct at some point in the 20th century.

Despite its absence, Expedia notes: “The Thylacine will be well known to antipodeans, as it has long been the symbol of the island of Tasmania, featuring on their coat of arms, number plate, and as the official mascot of the cricket team.”

It’s remarkable that while gone, the very mention of the animal still sparks pride in the region and recognition from mere visitors.

Expedia UK delivers five more examples of animals that would have been tremendous draws for tourists of all ages.

Most famously, perhaps is that of the dodo.

Mauritius: The Dodo

(Image courtesy Expedia UK)

The island nation once housed a bird whose very mention will trigger thoughts of extinct or endangered animals.

Expedia UK notes the bird’s iconic stature among former species but also delves into some interesting factoids: “A distant cousin of the common pigeon, the Dodo evolved on Mauritius with a bountiful supply of food and no natural predators, which led to its friendly disposition and large proportions.”

The article doesn’t merely spark an interest in faraway lands, it also teaches the importance of preservation of the animals we are still fortunate enough to share this planet with.

Here are a couple more.

Jamaica: The Giant Galliwasp

(Image courtesy Expedia UK)

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Alaska: Steller’s Sea Cow

(Image courtesy Expedia UK)

The galliwasp and sea cow of Alaska represent some of the more tremendous animals we all missed out on seeing.

But for a brief moment Expedia UK reminds us of the importance these animals continue to have on locals and tourists alike.

While gone, these majestic beasts are surely not forgotten.