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Forbes Created a List of Travel Gifts to Avoid

Entertainment Jessica Kleinschmidt November 20, 2016

Forbes Created a List of Travel Gifts to Avoid

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It's that time of year where you are making sure everyone on your list is being taken care of when it comes to gifts. We all have someone in our circle that loves to travel, and why wouldn't you when you have amazing sites like Travel Pulse? (Shamless plug).

Rather than stressing yourself out with what you should get that person, make sure you evaluate the gifts you should avoid to make sure you don't make a mistake.

Forbes made it a bit easier on you with a list of travel gifts you avoid this holiday season.


Seems silly, but according to the article, this could end in a slight disaster. Think of it like a new purse. You have to carry that thing around the entire time and you not only want to make sure it's functional, but it's stylish as well. So tread lightly.

A Camera

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't say no to a fancy-shmancy camera, but I can see why Forbes would list this. "Yes, expensive DSLRs can take amazing photos, but they’re also heavy, bulky, expensive, and for the beginner, hard to use. Unless your traveler specifically asked for one, consider a smaller “mirrorless” camera." So don't get ahead of yourself and go all out for a camera that may be difficult to haul around.


And not just any clothes. Travel clothes.

What exactly do you consider "travel clothes?" That's the exact point. Everyone travels differently. Some people want to be ridiculously comfy when they travel, some want to make security easier, and some may have business to attend to when they get off the plane. The article mentions that a lot of times these "travel shirts" are no different than something you can get at Banana Republic. 

Stick to simple. Most of the time the frequent traveler likes to venture out on his/her own anyway.

Here's the entire list from Forbes:

Gifts to Avoid for the Frequent Traveler in Your Family