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Forget Selfie Sticks Because the Selfie Drone is the New Hotness

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 14, 2015

Forget Selfie Sticks Because the Selfie Drone is the New Hotness

Image via YouTube

Selfie sticks are nice and all, but we now prefer a drone that acts like your own personal travel photographer.

We are talking about Lily (h/t Digg), a drone that is highlighted in a brief but wonderfully promising video below.

In a few moments a world of possibilities open up as we imagine one day walking out onto an isolated locale with nary a passerby to help with taking a photograph.

Now 2015’s solution would be to whip out the selfie stick, a device that is increasingly prohibited at attractions around the world.

But what if, and this is a question for those with deep pockets and a hankering for over-the-top photography, you could toss a drone in the air and let it record all of your adventures as you do little more than wear a handy tracking device?

The future is here and it’s pretty convenient.

There are other like drones on the market, such as the Phantom 2 that features various models for the extreme athlete or intrepid adventurer who needs that awesome footage but doesn’t want to go through the rigmarole of hiring a helicopter crew.

The Lily differs slightly by promising a purely hands off approach with a sensor that allows the drone to follow in close proximity.

And it’s also nice to know you can just rip the thing from your backpack and throw it in the air like some on-demand droid.

You can get more information on the Lily at its website, which states the device will run $519 if you preorder. After June 15 the price jumps to $999 and the product will ship in Feb. 2016.

Forbes quotes cofounder Antoine Balaresque who is a bit sensitive about calling this a drone: “We don’t see this as a drone. This is robotics technology applied to cameras. … To me, a drone is a military device that just flies around and shoots people. The only thing I see with Lily is camera that flies. I guess it’s a matter of wording.”

Fine, we shall call this simply Lily, the brilliant travel companion who soars through the air to capture the serenity of your hiking excursion.

Now an amble through a Cotswold village or a snowboarding escapade down the mountain can be chronicled with amazing clarity.

And to think, we are just a couple decades removed from having to ask strangers to take our photos. How did we ever survive?


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