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French Government Warns Hilarious Citizens About America's Prudish Humor

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | June 18, 2015

French Government Warns Hilarious Citizens About America's Prudish Humor

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Americans can’t take a joke, according to a French government warning we shall take ridiculously seriously.

Thanks to Bloomberg Business’ Gregory Viscusi we now have a working knowledge of some of the worries French tourists might have as they make their way stateside for their respective summer vacations.

Undoubtedly some that are not listed by the government might include pancakes so big they are delivered in the bed of a truck and diners that might eat the silverware.

Of course that isn’t reality, but what the government does warn its citizens is no joke or, more the case, that we are rather prudish when it comes to humor.

While that’s not the case—clearly our acumen for “Knock, Knock” fare and “I got your nose” pranks can’t be denied—we might as well direct you to the travel warning posted at the French government’s website.

Here are a few items worth noting, translation thanks to Google:

• On sexually suggestive comments: “It is recommended to adopt a reserved attitude towards the opposite sex…comments, attitudes or jokes, trivial in Latin countries, can lead to court. Sexual Harassment Complaints may also be filed against minors.”

• On jokes with authority: “You should not joke with CBP Officers (Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Customs and Border Protection) or the police. Remarks, jokes or attitudes that might seem trivial in some countries may lead to immediate arrest and legal action.”

• On America’s excellent infrastructure (as an added plus): “The road network is generally good but secondary roads are sometimes impassable or degraded due to inclement weather.”

It’s always intriguing to pore over similar documents from various countries, attempting to decipher what others outside this nation think of Americans.

We even recently had a rather humorous video make its rounds amid the Internet recently, highlighting the stereotypes others hold of those in this country.

Nowhere did it say that we couldn’t take a joke, but recent debate on the subject may prove otherwise.

I’d just like to know how many millions of tourists did it take to garner this kind of warning.

It’s as if a wave of amateur French comedians went back home and complained that nobody laughed at their “Difference between men and women routine” while waiting in line for one of those gigantic American hamburgers.

So if you are in the vicinity of a tourist, do us a favor and laugh like your sides hurt and send them on their way.

Because according to the rest of the world we Americans are curvy, brash, loud-mouthed people who can’t take a joke. Maybe, just maybe, you government officials who made this list of warnings aren’t all that funny.

Chew on that little morsel of truth and see how it tastes.


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