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Harry Potter's Hogwarts Comes Alive At Gorgeous Polish Castle

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 10, 2015

Harry Potter's Hogwarts Comes Alive At Gorgeous Polish Castle

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Until they figure out a way to safely bridge the muggle and wizard world we will have to settle on grandiose LARP events like the one at Poland's Czocha Castle.

Reuters Canada reports on what is essentially a Harry-Potter themed camp for adults, allowing fans to pick up their wands and experience what it’s like to live at Hogwarts for a few days.

Somehow we believe Professor Snape would still be looked over for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post.

The report delves into the specifics for those who entered Czocha Castle on Thursday: “Some 130 participants from 17 countries, ranging in age from 18 to 60, have traveled to the fairy-tale-like castle in western Poland for the $375 event, where they take on the role of students and teachers -- and ghosts.”

Oh great. Somehow we assume this means Moaning Myrtle will be dropping by the bathroom.

Ukraine Today shows off some of the event:

As the two reports note, the first such event was held back in November. But, as you might have guessed, myriad folks around the world wanted in on all the LARP (Live Action Role Play) fun.

To that end, the April camp was organized. The above images were borrowed from a longer documentary that hit YouTube in December. Here is a look at the school of Potter enthusiasts thanks to Cosmic Joke:

As you can see, participants are sorted into their proper houses. According to Reuters, this differs from the names given in the film: “In a set-up diverging from Rowling's fictional world, where the young Potter learns about wizardry at Hogwarts while fighting off the dark arts, students are sorted into houses, such as Durentius, Faust, Libussa, Molin and Sendivogius.”

We imagine the reason is that nobody wants to pay top dollar, fly to Poland and find out they were a Hufflepuff all along. Bouts of depression were started over less.

Claus Raasted organized this mass of wizards and explained to Reuters Canada the roles that come into play: “When doing a game like this, we try to simulate a pretend magical college. So it means some people play professors, some play students.”

Raasted continued with how one goes about "playing" Potter: “It's very simple. You point your wand at somebody, and say, ‘Silencio!’ And then if you think that's cool then you become silent, and if you think that's boring, then you think, ‘Oh, that spell didn't work.’ Or maybe you don't understand what's going on and you do something completely different.”

Essentially it’s freeze-tag rules from your childhood.

Now if this sounds amazing to you take note that there is one planned later this year, although details on the upcoming event are scant.

We recommend finding an owl and wand as early as possible though, because it’s always wise to be prepared.

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