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Honoring ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Over 200 Coffee Shops Become Luke’s Diner

Entertainment Christine Bord October 19, 2016

Honoring ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Over 200 Coffee Shops Become Luke’s Diner

Oct. 5 marked the 16th anniversary of “Gilmore Girls,” the TV show focused on the relationship between a mother and a daughter that impacted a generation of viewers and ended in 2007. For that reason, fans rejoiced with the news that Netflix is releasing four new episodes on Nov. 25, which will be called “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

To honor the date, Netflix partnered with over 200 coffee shops around the U.S. and a few in Canada to transform them into Luke’s Diner, the famous place the main characters would have their never-ending meals and tons of coffee every day.

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From 7 a.m. until noon, these coffee shops were giving free coffee and the paper cups were personalized with quotes from the TV show — all talking about coffee, of course (in my case, it says “Nothing says coffee like six in the morning,” from season three). The sleeve was also personalized with a Luke’s Diner logo. Other features included the Luke’s Diner sign outside those coffee shops, as well as the infamous “No Cell Phones” sign and the manager of the place wearing a cap and a flannel shirt just like Luke would.

Some fans in L.A. were lucky enough to have Luke himself (Scott Patterson) serving them coffee!

It was an extremely fun experience and, as a fan of the show, all I can say is: Nov. 25 can’t come soon enough!

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