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Japanese Jeweler Displays Amazing Gold Darth Vader Mask

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 23, 2015

Japanese Jeweler Displays Amazing Gold Darth Vader Mask

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Like a Gungan at an underwater rally, the world is losing its collective mind over “Star Wars” at the moment.

The latest sign of the ensuing bedlam comes from Japan, where a gold-leaf Darth Vader helmet was unveiled alongside some gold coins that we now absolutely have to have.

The Wall Street Journal’s Jun Hongo reports on some gloriously gilded news out of Japan, featuring one of the most extravagant Darth Vader items we have seen this side of the sith lord’s lightsaber. 

It’s as bold as a Death Star designed for nefarious aims and as resplendent as a galactic party when said installation is destroyed into millions of space bits.

Sadly, as we learned, you can’t add the item to your shelf of “ Star Wars” bobbleheads.

Here is a brief look at the items made by jeweler Ginza Tanaka:

And Twitter has been all over it as well, giving us some other vantage points of the lavish articles:

And there's this.

What we have above is an image of something you will have to admire from afar and some coins that you can own for some serious cash. 

The mask, originally crafted back in 2014, will be on display. As for the rest of the items, Jun Hongo delivers the necessary details and pricing: “The new items by Ginza Tanaka jeweler will include ‘koban’ style Japanese coins made of real gold. Five gram coins with a silhouette of Darth Vader will be sold for approximately ¥65,000 ($544) each, according to the company.”

Now we do have to note that the mask is in significantly better shape than the one we saw in the trailer everyone you know enjoyed roughly 30 times recently:

As we wait ever so patiently for the new installation of the franchise to open this December, there are plenty of toys and trinkets that will make their way to consumers.

Even the popular BB-8 will have a toy iteration at some point in the future. But seeing something this exquisite would be rare, so perhaps sneak in a glimpse when in Japan.

The coins will go on sale to coincide with “Star Wars” day, which any nerd will tell you is May 4.

However, if money is no object, you can grab more elaborate items on Craigslist.

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