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Japanese Village Answers All Your Fox Companionship Needs

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 03, 2015

Japanese Village Answers All Your Fox Companionship Needs

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A Japanese village in Zao offers the companionship of more than 200 fine foxes.

Now if you can get your head out of the gutter for a second, we are referring to the literal kind of foxes, the kind that dig holes and follow you around when they hear you rustle for snacks.

Now we are all well acquainted with Japan’s love affair with all things animals. This is a country that pretty much has a café dedicated to all walks of species.

So it’s not surprising to hear there is a small village dedicated to the fox, but it’s entirely adorable and worth your time.

Here is the latest adventure of YouTube’s Rachel and Jun (h/t Digg), which just so happens to take place in a fox haven.

The YouTube description helps us out a bit with the details on what sounds like some fairly convoluted navigation to the place: “I highly, highly recommend this for anyone visiting Japan. However, getting there is a bit tricky! You either need to drive a car, take an expensive taxi, or catch a questionable ride on a city bus in a city southwest of Sendai called Shiroishi. The details are on the website (in Japanese). The bus costs 200 yen and doesn't actually stop at Fox Village, so apparently you need to tell the driver to stop there AND pick you up again on the way back.”

Thankfully the video’s kind host links to the village’s website, so you can glean a bit more information on the foxiest place in Japan: Zao Fox Village.

As mentioned in the video, entry to the place will run you 1,000 yen or a little over $8. Those fox fans 12 and under can enjoy the surroundings for free.

Once inside you are surrounded by a bunch of animals that are content to amble about in search of snacks and occasionally tug at hanging strings on your person.

But that’s not all, because the foxes are also renowned to tug on those ol’ heartstrings as well.

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