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Just Try Not To Fall In Love With This Emotional Support Duck

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar October 19, 2016

Just Try Not To Fall In Love With This Emotional Support Duck

PHOTO: Daniel the Duck being all cute and stuff. (Photo courtesy Twitter/Mark Essig

Add another duck to the long list of delightful ones we have come across through the years.

There is Darkwing, Donald, Daffy and even Uncle Scrooge. Now, thanks to Twitter, we now have Daniel.

Fox News reports on an emotional support animal named Daniel whose cameo on a recent flight from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina, has made him the darndest thing on the Internet at the moment, and we know about Daniel and his owner thanks to in-flight duck spotter Mark Essig who posted the following that chronicles his chance encounter.

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If this wasn’t adorable enough, here’s a video that should make you smile:

Seriously, the only thing better would be if we heard that Daniel went on adventures with his three nephews.

Essig made sure to tweet out an explanation of who Daniel’s owner is and how Daniel came to fly alongside her.

The posted ABC report explains that Carla Fitzgerald has PTSD from a horrible accident that took place when her horse carriage was struck by a car. A doctor later felt that an animal like Daniel would help with various panic attacks.

The Citizen-Times goes in-depth and spoke with Fitzgerald: “First of all, he’s got a calming effect. Second of all, if I start heading toward the PTSD, he senses it right away and he’s able to calm me down. If I’m standing he’ll try to climb on my legs, and if I'm sitting he will face me. He’ll climb my chest, and that's my cue for me to lie down. And then he sits on my chest until it passes. Then once it passes, we go about our day.”

Besides rocking awesome footwear and generally being an amazing animal, Daniel is doing some remarkable good for Fitzgerald who continues to heal from a terrible incident.