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Learn To Land A 737 Airplane Like A Boss

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | February 15, 2016

Learn To Land A 737 Airplane Like A Boss

Image via YouTube

Let’s say you are forced to become your flight’s own version of Ted Striker, taking the controls for a captain and crew that succumbed to some rather questionable in-flight meals. Well, you are going to want to check out this video.

Now the Internet is filled with just about every last thing you could ever want. So it should be no surprise that there is now a quick tutorial on landing an airplane lurking on YouTube.

It’s a, well, crash course in becoming an impromptu pilot in what would be a truly horrifying situation.

The video is called “How to Land a 737 (Nervous Passenger Edition)” and it comes by way of Tim Morgan (h/t Digg) who just handed you the keys to the sky.

Now go forth and spread the good news that you can officially land a giant 737 with absolutely no issue whatsoever. 

Well, let’s say minimal issues.

The videos is a follow-up to a previous post Morgan made on Quora on the steps you would need to take if you are, by fate and happenstance, elected to land a massive jumbo jet.

As mentioned, the plane is more than likely already in autopilot. However, from there it’s important to make contact with air traffic control.

After that, we imagine it’s advantageous to have Dr. Rumack come by for some much needed encouragement.  

Morgan does a fine job of giving an easily digestible tutorial that really has us thinking we can turn the right knobs and hit the correct buttons during an in-flight disaster.

Then again, we are learning from the cockpit that is our office from a vantage that is our computer screen.

Let’s just say we are glad that we will never have to employ this new information, hoepfully.


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