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Loch Ness May Not Have Monster Closure, But It Still Has Its True Believer

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 23, 2015

Loch Ness May Not Have Monster Closure, But It Still Has Its True Believer

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Loch Ness, the infamous body of water in Scotland, may or may not be home to a giant sea-dwelling monster that has managed to evade detection for decades, but it certainly houses a man who continues to believe.

Reuters reports that Steve Feltham, despite earlier scuttlebutt that he had retired his search for the famed Loch Ness Monster, is still very much on the trail of his white whale, or whatever it may be.

Reuters spoke with Feltham who is something of a Nessie Matt Foley, living in a van right next to the iconic loch.

The Nessie hunter explained that he is still in hot pursuit: “It's still a massive world-class mystery. It's been a lifelong passion for me and I'm dedicated to being here and being fully involved in this whole hunt. I couldn't be more content doing anything else.”

As the report reminds and as you will hear below, Feltham does have a suspect for the aquatic beast that may have led to one of the more famous urban legends in the world:

Loch Ness is a fantastic destination for its beauty and, well, undying intrigue. Perhaps there is something out there, a piece of debris that resembles a monster or a giant catfish, which can grow to be extremely huge based on the following video:

If you do head on over to the Scottish Highlands, make sure to temper your curiosity a bit, because the mystery has been known to dominate lives.

As Reuters states, Feltham sacrificed a great deal for Nessie already. The report states he “gave up his job, house and girlfriend 24 years ago to look for the creature full-time.”

But it’s not as if Feltham is looking back, because he is beyond happy with the lot he chose. He tells SkyNews: “I am absolutely and utterly in my Utopia living here on the shores of the loch trying to solve what I say is one of the world’s greatest mysteries.”

When you visit Loch Ness you are experiencing more than a destination. You are invariably caught up in an unrelenting hunt for the hypothetical.

You leave with more than pictures and memories but also theories of your own as to what’s out there.

Feltham is something of a local institution, a Fox Mulder who hasn’t stopped wanting to believe.

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