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London's Ballie Ballerson Looks Like A Blast of Ball Pit Fun

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar November 04, 2016

London's Ballie Ballerson Looks Like A Blast of Ball Pit Fun

PHOTO: You’ll want to make note of this new London ball pit bar. (Photo courtesy Instagram/BallieBallerson)

Nothing says sensible, adult fun like a ridiculously huge ball pit.

London is the latest city to get a hat tip to the good ol’ days with a laughably huge ball pit that we wish we could leap into right this second.

The Evening Standard covers what has to be the best idea to hit the bar scene since the pint glass. It’s called Ballie Ballerson and it’s a pop-up in the Dalston area of London that will last all of a couple months.

Now before we get to the specifics, we’d like to remind you that ball pits popping up out of nowhere are suddenly becoming a wonderful International affair.

Back in September, we covered news of a bar in Japan that asked it patrons to order drinks and generally carouse while being inundated with hundreds of little plastic balls.

Now London is getting in on the fun with an event space that will open its doors from November 4 through the end of December.

It’s the perfect way to bring 2016 to a close, but you better act fast as tickets are sure to disappear like your keys to the bottom of this spot’s Sarlacc pit of fun.

Social media pulls back the curtain on the festivities that start this weekend:





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Evening Standard spoke with organizer Wenny Armstrong who explains: “It is just a bit of fun. I think I came up with the idea when I had had too much coffee and just thought it would capture the imagination of a lot of people. The response has been huge - and I’m really excited to see how it goes.”

Party people will get two floors of fun, including, “retro sweetie cocktails using ingredients such as Wham Bars, Dip Dabs and Pink Shrimp Foam.”

The balls will be cleaned regularly and will also boast special yellow colored bundles that garner special prizes.

The website states that tickets will be regularly priced at £5, which is a mere pittance when you consider the joy of jumping into a pit of multi-colored balls.