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Middlesbrough Drinks Turn Into Impromptu Trip to Thailand For 2 Friends

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | March 25, 2015

Middlesbrough Drinks Turn Into Impromptu Trip to Thailand For 2 Friends

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The quickest way to Thailand seems to be through a few pints of beer.

Gazette Live’s Mieka Smiles (h/t The Telegraph) reports on Phillip Boyle’s last-second trip to Thailand that proves taking a spirited trip to another country takes just a bit of artful persuasion from an adventurous buddy. We imagine the alcohol doesn’t hurt matters either.

The report states that the 33-year-old was hanging out in a Middlesbrough bar when he and a friend, Jamie Blyth, decided to end the night with a few drinks back at home.

What would otherwise be classified as a slow Friday night quickly turned into a whirlwind trip to Thailand.

Smiles writes, “But by early Saturday morning, after pulling an all-nighter, Phillip had been persuaded to jet to the popular beach resort of Pattaya in Thailand for an impromptu lads' holiday — taking just a Tesco carrier bag stuffed with T-Shirts and boxer shorts.”

We now have to wonder whether Boyle is the most agreeable man on the planet or whether Blyth just possesses unheard of powers of persuasion.

Most of us have that friend that makes any insane venture sound sensible after a few pints of liquid courage. However, traipsing thousands of miles on a whim is something we can’t possibly fathom.

In the end, the two decided to hire a cab to the airport and eventually meet up with friends who were already living the high life on holiday in paradise. We imagine, however, some of them gave at least a modicum of planning into their respective trips.

Boyle explains that things started out innocently enough: “We decided on not going out for a crazy night but to buy a few drinks from the petrol station and go to my house for a quiet night. We then went back to my house by about 1 a.m. and just sort of sat there.”

Idle buddies, it seems, turn into International travelers. Boyle states, “After lots of jokes, at around 11 a.m. the next day with a hangover, Jamie asks if I have my passport handy and comes up with the idea of us going to Thailand straight away.”

Boyle continues, “I thought he was joking at first and then he pointed out how there are quite a few lads from Middlesbrough over there we hadn’t seen for a while.”

The company director explains that good sense nearly kicked in on the way to Manchester Airport when the taxi driver explained that he remembered Blythe rather well. It seems the fellow 33-year-old has experience on impromptu jaunts around the world.

Boyle explains, “Then the taxi driver told me how Jamie had done this same last minute thing four times now, with him being the same driver to take him to Manchester in each case!”

Boyle adds, “I thought that was hilarious and then said ‘okay I’m in.’”

Some of you are wavering on whether to pull the trigger on that lifelong dream trip to an exotic location.

While time, money and accommodations are worthwhile considerations, it seems all you need is a friend who can turn some weekend boredom into an excuse to fly off at a moment’s notice.

So, perhaps, put down the guidebook and pour some beer, because you may just wake up with the courage to put your passport to amazing use.

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