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Mother-In-Law Makes Surprise Cameo In Husband's 16-Year-Old Vacation Photo

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | June 08, 2016

Mother-In-Law Makes Surprise Cameo In Husband's 16-Year-Old Vacation Photo

Photo via Facebook

Never toss out your holiday pictures, because you never know what you’ll find a decade or so later.

Sure, your albums, digital or otherwise, are just gathering dust at the moment. But a chance rummaging session might lead to the kind of discovery that makes headlines worldwide.

That’s what happened for newly married couple Lu Yiqin and Zhang Hedong. According to Mashable, which references an En.People.Cn report, Lu was going through some pictures and spotted her husband’s mother in one of Zhang’s holiday photos.

Here are the images below:

As the report states, the picture features Zhang in the foreground when he was on a family trip to see the Giant Buddha at Ling Mountain.

Off in the distance, donning a beaming red jacket, is Lu’s mom. They are separated by mere feet in the picture and are now joined as family some 16 years later.

This has happened before. Back in 2013, the Huffington Post reported on Alex and Donna Voutsinas who were a happily married couple.

They found a picture taken when Donna was with her family at Disney World. In the near distance you can see a very young Alex.

The remarkable part is that this was 15 years before the two would meet, proving that iconic landmarks and theme parks make for great serendipitous locations. It’s just that the timing is extremely delayed.

Now go ahead and dive into your own family vacation photos. If you don’t find your significant other you’re free to question the very fabric of your current relationship. You’re welcome.  

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