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MTA Video Proves Everything is Better in 8-Bit

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 20, 2015

MTA Video Proves Everything is Better in 8-Bit

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Here’s a video about subway delays. Trust us, it’s far more entertaining that the previous sentence would suggest.

We know how mind numbingly dull infrastructure chitchat can be. One minute you are at a party talking about the Patriots Deflategate scandal, and the next your buddy who works for the city is regaling you with the latest bond issue over sidewalks.

Well if that friend delivered the discourse with 8-bit graphics and sound we might just be inclined to listen.

This is a sentiment embraced by the lovely people over at New York’s MTA, which just released a video that tugs at the nostalgic portion of our heart:

Explaining how something as simple and tedious as the domino effect is invigorated with style and wonderment by dropping a few million pixels.

Suddenly we aren’t learning why an entire line might be delayed because somebody on a train car ahead ate some bad chicken.

We are transported to a far simpler moment when we were in an arcade or at home saving a princess or powering up with an edible mushroom. (Note: Never enjoy magic mushrooms while taking a New York subway.)

My Fox NY explains that the video saw life at an MTA meeting on Monday, which sounds about as exciting as trying to get a Nintendo cartridge to work.

Instead of blowing on a bunch of plastic, the organization let the video out into the wild of YouTube where it will entertain and educate.

The meeting also offered ideas to trim the delays such events cause. The report states, “Another change will be increasing the number of of station platform controllers from 20 to 100. The SPC move things along by getting people on and off trains and answering questions from riders.”

Again, that bit of news really could have used a bit of 8-bit dialogue from a fictional gorilla throwing barrels down a bunch of ladders.

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