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Nat Geo Thinks You've Never Seen an Airplane According to Over-the-Top Trailer

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 10, 2015

Nat Geo Thinks You've Never Seen an Airplane According to Over-the-Top Trailer

Image via YouTube

National Geographic is pretty sick and tired with your blasé attitude towards airplanes and modern aviation, so they are figuratively reaching into the closet, pulling out that decades-old Van Halen album and subsequently blowing your mind.

Nat Geo is about to unveil “Living in the Age of Airplanes,” which opens Friday, April 10, in select theaters, via YouTube.

To get you into the theater, National Geographic is promising the world. According to the trailer below, if you don’t leave the movie with your socks completely blown from your little feet, this will have been an utter failure.

Here is the trailer narrated by Han Solo, which borders on the kind of hyperbolic statements that come with a Michael Bay opening:

Harrison Ford, who is still on the mend but doing better after parking his vintage plane on a Venice golf course recently, narrates beautifully.

His voice is like that perfect flight with nary a bout of turbulence. However, we simply love the finishing touches on an otherwise beautiful trailer.

Ford states, “Leave behind everything you know about airplanes, anything you’ve heard about their history, every conclusion you’ve drawn from your own experience, and prepare to see them again for the first time.”

That 10-hour flight where your knees were hit by the person trying to recline their seat in front of you, when your butt fell asleep from sitting too long and the meal made you sick: Yeah, forget all about that little venture. You don’t need those trivialities when seeing this flick.

Snark aside, we love our aviation. And we also happen to be the gullible sort that buys tickets to Bay movies and owns “Bad Boys II” on DVD, so we guess we are sort of the target demographic.

Then again, so are you. The human race really should marvel at our ability to soar among the clouds.

We just wish it was a bit more glamorous than tiny liquor bottles and free magazines touting the best attractions in New Mexico tucked behind the seat.


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