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North Carolina Couple Created Shark Cages, Local Sharks Presumably Annoyed

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 22, 2015

North Carolina Couple Created Shark Cages, Local Sharks Presumably Annoyed

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Score one for mankind as a North Carolina couple managed to create shark cages, basically negating those stupid sharks from feasting on tasty human morsels.

Disregard, for a moment, that the cages were made in jest and were also created from PVC, a substance that is about as useful as stopping sharks as it would be from stopping Superman.

But the following video, spotted by Fox News, does signal we have reached a fevered pitch as it pertains to mankind’s relationship with those gluttonous eaters of the deep.

With Shark Week, “Sharknado” and videos of surfers fighting off sharks surfacing, it was just a matter of time until this happened (Video via Jordan Cutrell):

Sadly, the couple wasn’t allowed to use their shark cages, which would have made for useful toothpicks had any sharks been in the immediate area.

But it’s not as if Sandi and Scott Bergman were hoping to erase humans from a shark’s menu.

The couple, according to the report, were just hoping to create something funny: “Despite the local stir they caused, the beachgoers say their cages, which they constructed from plastic and PVC piping, were just meant as a light-hearted joke.”

Fox News points to WRIC, which spoke with the couple. Sandi explains: “We went out there with the intention of filming a spoof about this guy who comes up with something called Block Jaw. It’s your own personal shark cage. It (was) very crowded; it’s July, and as soon as we set up immediately people started to watch us.”

Now we don’t know if the skit this couple intended to record was going to be a hit, but their ill-advised plastic cages certainly are.

Any sharks reading this take note: We are inching toward a great innovation that, while hardly making shark attacks obsolete, will certainly make them annoying for you and your brethren.

PVC, we hear, tends to get stuck between teeth, so chew on that little made-up factoid.

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