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Outrageous Video Shows Chinese Tour Guide Demanding Tourists Spend Money

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 05, 2015

Outrageous Video Shows Chinese Tour Guide Demanding Tourists Spend Money

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An irate Chinese tour guide quickly became a former tour guide after a video surfaced showing her laying into tourists for not spending nearly as much as she would like on souvenirs at various stops.

BBC reports on a viral video that shows one tour guide lambasting patrons with microphone in hand, taking her captivated audience to task and demanding they drop a whopping 3,000 yuan ($483) or they would not be provided a return ticket. We imagine she dropped the mic shortly after the video stops.

Now the following video was uploaded to YouTube on May 1 by Will Zhang and already has, as of this writing, over 25,000 views.

Now our Chinese is a little rusty, so we don’t know if any language is NSFW, so tread cautiously. What we can say is that the video features four minutes of berating that would make Blake from “Glengarry Glen Ross” extremely proud:

Return tickets, it would seem, are for closers.

BBC aids in what is being said in a portion of the video: “Where are your sense of conscience and morals? If all of you don't spend more than 3,000 or 4,000 [yuan], we'll cancel the Xishuangbanna trip, the tour company won't be responsible for the return to Shenyang.”

The female tour guide in the video who is demanding money be spent has had her license revoked and her company, Kunming Fenghua Travel Agency, was hit with a 20,000 yuan ($3,218) fine, according to the BBC.

The report continues that the company has been forced into a timeout as well: “Yunnan tourism officials said on Sunday the guide's travel agency had also been suspended from operating.”

BBC points to various online anecdotes that signal a very real issue with Chinese tour operators engaging in similar practices.

One incident corralled by Weibo points to tourists nearly being held hostage by guides who feel they have the upper hand. Here is what one user said, via BBC: “The female tour guide was such a bandit. I almost got into a brawl with her. And that was a place with no mobile signal, where everybody were forced to spend money. They threatened us, but there was no phone signal, and we couldn't call the police.”

It’s that kind of tale that sends shivers down the spine of those eager to see an otherwise gorgeous country with one of various tour companies.

Hopefully, this report signals a turn in how officials deal with what is a purported rampant issue.

One official stated, via CRIEnglish, that the video illustrates a great many things counter to proper tourism protocols: “First thing, the tour guide forced them to shop, if the video is real, then her words certainly violated the regulation. Secondly, her attitude is terrible. Third, she used abusive language. So based on these aspects, we can say she violated regulations.”

The one thing we all look for when hiring a tour guide is comfort. Rather than head on out into the great unknown by ourselves we opt to spend a little money to make sure we have an expert who will show us the sights, keep us safe and allow us to relax while journeying through exotic locales.

One item, among many in the story, that is worrisome is the quote BBC offers from a Weibo account: “This is not an isolated incident.”

With video devices being ubiquitous, perhaps tour guides who can’t be influenced by the need to offer basic human decency will be persuaded to act accordingly from fear of being caught on a future YouTube showcase.

We can only hope. 

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