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Passenger's Creepy Doll Leads To Hilarious Live Tweet Session

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar September 23, 2016

Passenger's Creepy Doll Leads To Hilarious Live Tweet Session

Photo courtesy Twitter

Sitting next to a seemingly possessed doll while flying is certainly a harrowing tale you never want to tell. However, reading someone else’s horrifying experience is pure entertainment.

As Mashable spotted on Friday, a traveler by the name of Sara Novic whose recent trip on an airplane included quite the auspicious seat mate.

As you see in her lengthy list of posts on Twitter, she was fated to sit next to the creepiest doll since Chucky because of one traveler’s decision to buy his toy an actual airline ticket.

But before we get you to the beginning of this fanciful tale, we might as well Tarantino the story to the part where we meet this doll that put a scare into the heart of one traveler and then, eventually, to the rest of the Internet.

Now onto how this all began. You can read the entire trove of tweets at Novic’s feed. But the initial post has us eager to dive right in:

It’s at this point that you would happily switch to sit next to a crying baby or very big snorer rather than sit next to a lifeless doll that you would have no choice but daydream would come alive mid-flight in some “Twilight Zone” scenario.

Novic continues, proving that even odd stories can always devolve further.

For those wanting an explanation to the one above, it’s because TSA would attempt to link the name to an actual person. Little did security know but the name they were scouring belonged to a doll – a doll whose face we will never forget.

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Novic continues, explaining the man is traveling with what she describes as “an entire bunch of bananas.” And he is headed, “to Cincinnati to see the giant Noah's ark replica built to spec.”

(We found an Ark Encounter that is actually located in Williamsburg, Kentucky; though the Creation Museum is near Cincinnati.

After getting away from the doll-toting man, Novic discovered that she wouldn’t shake her nightmare anytime soon.

Here is her next tweet with NSF language:

Now Barbara is off to another part of the world where she will continue scaring travelers who once thought sitting next to an actual human being was the worst neighbor you can have on an airplane.