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Power Ranking 9 Of The Most Beautiful, Hilarious and Recent Tourism Campaign Videos

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | March 03, 2016

Power Ranking 9 Of The Most Beautiful, Hilarious and Recent Tourism Campaign Videos

Photo via Downtown Halifax

It’s impossible not to feel like the cool kid in class with so many tourism campaigns going above and beyond creatively to get your attention.

What we have for you is a collection of tourism campaigns that will make planning that next trip all the more arduous.

You thought you had your pick of holiday destinations whittled down, but now you have far more locations to consider.

This is just a brief breakdown of the most recent campaigns we have enjoyed over the past year.

This is hardly an exhaustive list – although we did manage to include everything from Chris Hemsworth to faux Karate Kid. So feel free to toss out your own suggestions for campaigns that deserve some recognition.

No. 9 - Discover Asheville:

Asheville starts our roundup with the bare minimum of what should be included in your tourism video: a resplendent collection of stunning images.

The easiest way to entice is to float some brilliant pictures before our eyes, which inevitably leads to the thought that North Carolina definitely deserves our time and money.

In fact, we thought we had visited the area by the end of this video. That’s how immersive this little dandy was.

No. 8 - Visit Winnipeg:

It’s far too cold to visit Winnipeg, which is precisely what you might think before watching a couple minutes of wonder.

Now these aren’t exactly the four seasons we are used to, but the people behind this campaign have us reconsidering what we previously believed.

We never thought we’d say this, actually, but we now must have dinner on a frozen river.

No. 7 - Choose Chicago:

Chicago Epic is almost the travel equivalent of that pre-game video montage that precedes the Super Bowl.

We are so amped up that we want to figuratively tape up our wounds, put on our pads and helmet and get on our there and experience an epic vacation.

No. 6 - Destination British Columbia:

Blow this bad boy up to full screen and sit back.

What you get is nearly as good as an episode of “Planet Earth” and as enticing as any travel brochure ever printed.

No. 5 - Travel Wisconsin:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Hays combined for an assist for Wisconsin’s recent tourism campaign.

Murdock seemed to be in brighter spirits since the last time we saw him helm an airplane. And Ted Striker finally proved to be over his ridiculous drinking problem. 

And if you are visiting the proud state, good luck. We are all counting on you.

No. 4 - Tourism Australia:

If you haven’t been to Australia then you can’t quite claim you have fallen in love with the region.

However, after watching this video you can proclaim to all who will hear it that you have one heck of a crush.

Perhaps that’s just the voice of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) working its charm.

No. 3 - Follow Your NOLA:

Adweek did a great job of summing up New Orleans Tourism’s campaign from last year. Essentially, producers posted the same voiceover on three different ads, proving that this vibrant city is one of the most diverse places in the nation.

No. 2 - Downtown Halifax:

We are absolutely smitten with most of what Downtown Halifax puts out on YouTube, which is almost always creative and hilarious.

Last year it was the above faux dating ad that somehow made cringing a novel idea to get people to consider your city. 

Its latest campaign promises great deals throughout the city, which apparently has something of a love affair with the 1980s.

No. 1 - Inspired By Iceland:

Inspired by Iceland takes the cake for whimsy and inventive efforts, launching a website that immerses potential travelers in various videos and questions that might just lead to a free trip.

As for those videos, they have a wonderful Wes Anderson feel, which makes us all the more apt to dive into the Iceland Academy.


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