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Professor Schools the Government by Smoking on Flight

Entertainment | Tom Bastek | March 19, 2015

Professor Schools the Government by Smoking on Flight

One of the oddest trends emerging online and in the travel world lately is the practice of "passenger shaming," taking pictures of fellow airline passengers doing embarassing things and posting them online. Usually these people are made to look foolish at best and like a nuisance at worst. Then you have this professor:

Karen Bettez Halnon is a professor at Penn State-Abington and on her flight the other day lit up a cigarette and then went on a rant for two hours about how the United States had declared war on Venezuela.  She recently sat down with Philadelphia Magazine to rationally explain her side of the story.  Here was her explanation:

“The problem is U.S. military global domination. And they want the oil. And they want the water. And so I found that this act was a necessary Thoreau-like act of civil disobedience. I had to speak out now. The situation is dire and urgent, and any sacrifice I make for my own self, if it saves lives — there have been far too many lives lost due to U.S. global military domination.”

OK, I am not one to judge anyone’s beliefs here, but it seems to me that the only sacrifice that was made on this flight was the one made by all the other people on the plane who had to give up their peace and quiet and their breathing air while Dr. Halnon continued on with her verbal diarrhea. 

Speaking of diarrhea, she then went on to say that the TSA and the FBI tortured her. 

“The FBI and TSA tortured me. My voice generally doesn't sound like this. I was put in a room with two fans in the ceiling, it was freezing cold for hours and hours and hours. I asked repeatedly to go to the bathroom. They made me wet my pants. They humiliated me. And then to make matters worse, I have a stomach condition. Everything that comes in goes out. I've been like that for months since I left Cuba. I've lost over 30 pounds. And I was yelling that I had to go to the bathroom. But they ignored me, and I defecated on the floor. And they made me pick it up and laughed at me.”

She went on during her rant to say that the U.S. gave Hugo Chavez cancer and then in the interview with Philadelphia Magazine claimed that Fidel Castro was also given cancer by the CIA and the U.S. government and that Castro agreed with her.

She also claimed not to be on any substances outside of a bottle of wine. Hmmm…


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