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"Round The World Air Trip" with the Four Seasons Jet

Entertainment Jessica Kleinschmidt November 27, 2016

"Round The World Air Trip" with the Four Seasons Jet

photo courtesy of The National

What sounds better than flying around the world in a luxurious private jet?

Pretty much nothing, right?

The Four Seasons hotel has a 52-seat aircraft that caters to the adventurer (with very deep pockets.) According to The National, if you have $130,000 laying around you can spoil yourself with a 19-day "global voyage, where you are treated to a private reception at the top of Burj Khalifa, shopping, racing on the F1 track and skydiving." 

The jet flies during the daylight hours and at each of the 12 stops it makes, guests stay at a Four Seasons Hotel. 

"Its not a cheap trip," says Simon Casson, Four Seasons hotels president for Europe, Middle East and Africa. "But in terms of dinner party bragging rights, there are very few people who are able to say that they went around the world in a private jet with Four Seasons. Today’s world is about trying to develop those exclusive memories for the super-elite."

The jet is on its seventh installment since lauching in 2015 and since you are spending a bit for the experience, you don't have to stress over a thing. From snacks to magazines of your preference that the staff provides you in advance to "breezing through customs" to a full staff, it's a once in a lifetime experience.

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