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San Diego Comic-Con Tips and Tricks for Noobs

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 08, 2015

San Diego Comic-Con Tips and Tricks for Noobs

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Those putting the finishing touches on their walker make-up or rummaging around the house for their sonic screwdriver know exactly how to enjoy Comic-Con in San Diego.

This is for the rest of you. 

Here we will offer some general tips to savor every moment of the madness — although those listed back in 2014 still very much apply.

Consider this a brief breakdown of the particulars before you enter what is akin to walking into the TARDIS for the first time.

Dress Accordingly: The con mandates walking shoes. After that, anything goes, including the grandest cosplay you can think up.

I would recommend dressing cool or else you will burn up when traipsing around town. For me this includes a Batman onesie and a Doctor Who suit, because I am horrible at following my own recommendations.

Leave You Inhibitions at Home: This is the one place where going big with your nerd garb is accepted and assumed.

If you ever had any thoughts of dressing up but are too shy to do so normally, this is your moment to shine. Because it’s the one magical place where a Storm Trooper outfit will largely be accepted as day wear.

Snacks: I touched upon this before but feel the need to stress again. Food inside the convention center is expensive and the lines are insane.

Bring snacks for when you feel famished or just prepare to enjoy fare outside the hall where restaurant deals are numerous.  

Phone Maintenance: Comic-Con expert Tony B. Kim has some fantastic tips for anyone with a smartphone (Read: everyone).

It's a good idea to shut off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when walking around. Unless you are attempting to use the technology, your phone will just drain with these things turned on.

Now you obviously want to tweet and Instagram all the insanity. But I found it useful to carry an extra supply of power or just snap off images and post them once you are in a less congested area.

It may not be timely, but it beats the dread of seeing you have 20 percent power by noon.

2015: Here are some things that I’ve noticed headed into the wonderful abyss this year.

Twitter: Now I still encourage you to follow the people listed in last year’s tips, but here are some I’m looking forward to seeing more from this year.

@GeekyHooker – This awesome person will again drop crocheted figures around the Comic-Con area, tweeting out hints to the whereabouts of each one.

From there it’s a matter of showing off your photo for one of the more intriguing hunts in town.

@OutsideComicCon – Just as this Twitter handle says, this is a great way to find “all the amazing events & happenings planned in downtown San Diego during Comic-Con.”

@Nerdist – This is just a good follow for nerds of all walks of life.

Comic-Con App: Yes, we follow this every con, but it’s important to remember to download the app each and every year before you roll out. It’s the single greatest asset in your bag of tricks.

The app allows you to highlight the panels you want to see and exclusives you want to buy for quick reference later.

Discounts Galore: Take a quick gander at the Comic-Con map of restaurants offering deals for badge-toting tourists. You can also save thanks to convention coupons and deals offered by East Village businesses.

Now the final part is to descend upon San Diego with the frivolity of a mass of Ewoks and Mogwais, enjoying the entirety of the con with the kind of happiness that comes just once a year.

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