Last updated: 01:38 PM ET, Sat October 29 2016

Self-Driving Truck Delivers 2,000 Cases of Beer Across Colorado

Entertainment Jessica Kleinschmidt October 29, 2016

Self-Driving Truck Delivers 2,000 Cases of Beer Across Colorado

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What more can I say?

This week a self-driving truck operated by Otto (an Uber-owned company), drove 120 miles in Colorado to deliver 2,000 cases of Budweiser. 

According to Mashable, it was indeed a marketing stunt, but this particular activity is proving how far the Uber company has come and where it plans on going with self-driving. The tie of alcohol and hailing a cab or type of service like Uber or Lyft is almost too perfect for this scenario. So now, an intoxicated person could use this self-driving service, and the alcohol itself can be transported. A win/win scenario, right?

The rise of self-driving vehicles has come from certain Uber scenarios where Mashable says "usually after midnight is when things get weird." This doesn't just surround the passengers, but drivers as well. A lot of times the drivers don't realize their jobs are in jeopardy, but there have been many instances where there were "confrontations with drunk passengers."

Uber and Lyft have partnered with Anheuser-Busch and organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving to campaign "don't drink and drive." Some studies unfortunately show that the "Uber effect" has not changed the number of traffic fatalities, but since the effect took place "78 percent of those surveyed said their their friends are less likely to drive after drinking." 

It's all about convenience whether you want to transport yourself or 51,744 cans of beer. And with the way technology is, there are always improvements.

A "DADSS" system could be implemented in the near future. This technology is still being developed, but it is supposed to measure a driver's alcohol consumption when he or she gets in the car and will not operate if the alcohol consumption is over the legal limit.

That's in the near future. Until then, we just have auto-driving vehicles that will make sure our loved ones and booze makes it safely to its destination.