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Skirvin Hilton Hotel's Ghosts Got Too Friendly With Lakers' Metta World Peace

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar November 01, 2016

Skirvin Hilton Hotel's Ghosts Got Too Friendly With Lakers' Metta World Peace

PHOTO: The apparently very haunted Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City. (Photo courtesy Facebook/Skirvin Hotel)

Like a classic Ghostbuster, the Lakers’ Metta World Peace ain’t afraid of no ghost.

The Orange County Register’s Mark Medina recently profiled Los Angeles’ recent trip to Oklahoma City and their respective stay at the famed Skirvin Hilton Hotel, which is a renowned haunted hot spot.

The report is a brief look behind the scenes of an NBA team’s road trip to an iconic hotel, which came with various hardships for the players involved.

Before we get to World Peace’s explanation of what happened during the Lakers trip to Oklahoma City, we give you a purported Skirvin Hotel problem that isn’t specters, ghouls or ghosts. Medina writes that Nick Young had previously had such a problem with bed bugs at this location back during the 2011-2012 season that he decided to sleep wrapped in a sweatshirt and on a bed of towels.

Because of that, some players actually refrained from staying at the Skirvin on the team’s dime and ponied up their own money to sleep at the nearby Colcord Hotel. Young telled Medina about that previous stay, “I couldn’t see my son because I was breaking out in hives.”

The Cavaliers Kyrie Irving also had issues with bed bugs at the Skirvin. However, an infestation of living critters may just be better than Skirvin’s other entities. 

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Here is what World Peace had to say to Medina: “The ghosts were all over me. I just accepted it. They touched me all over the place. I’m taking one of the ghosts to court for touching me in the wrong places.”

While this would be enough to send any visitor screaming down the hall, World Peace explained that he was too comfy-cozy to move despite ghosts that were getting a little touchy-feely: “I was watching a good movie and I was tired; I didn’t want to move.”

Some of you ghost hunters have the perfect place to target for your next spooky spelunking session.

Website Legends of America explains: “The Oklahoma showplace became a popular speak-easy during Prohibition. It was during this time that W.B. Skirvin was said to have had an affair with one of the hotel maids.” The website states that the maid became pregnant and was subsequently locked away in a hotel room. Depression and isolation led to her purportedly leaping with the baby from one of the hotel’s windows.

The website continues: “The maid’s name remains unknown, but her ghost continues to haunt the Skirvin Hotel and she was nicknamed ‘Effie’ by former employees.”

According to World Peace, Effie, or one of Effie’s spooky counterparts, has taken to accosting patrons in rather improper ways.

Decorum and decency, it would seem, are not things that matter to the deceased.