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Social Media Spotlight: Living Out The Travel Dream With Eric Giuliani

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar February 01, 2016

Social Media Spotlight: Living Out The Travel Dream With Eric Giuliani

Images courtesy Eric Giuliani

Following your dreams is never that easy, but the rewards make the exhaustion well worth it.

That is one thing we took away from getting in touch with a world traveler who quit his day job to do something many of you might consider a fantasy career.

We are talking about Eric Giuliani, the writer and videographer you might know as TravelTall, as he is so known at his website and various social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  

Join us in taking a fascinating look at life on the road, which thankfully comes bearing great gifts like amazing images and crucial travel advice.

First, bask in some of Giuliani’s work:

TravelPulse: You mention that you quit your job to follow your dream of traveling. What was life like before embarking upon the world?

Eric Giuliani: I was working for an Educational Software company called Achieve3000, they made an interactive computer program that was sold to schools.  The gist of it was that it would help students with their reading comprehension.  It was a great program and on paper my job was great, I was an Educational Consultant and I would basically go into schools across Florida and train the teachers how to use the program.  The hard part for me was that the company gave me a script and asked me to read from that during my presentations to the teachers.  Every day become the same and it began to suck the life out of me.  There was no creativity with the job, the teachers I often presented to were miserable and I dreaded going to work each day.

TP: What made you decide to drop everything and take to the roads?

EG: About 5 years ago, I took a 3-month leave of absence and I flew around the world, I stopped in a few cities in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and South America.  When I got back form that trip I had spent all my money and even went into debt, but knew that that was how I wanted to spend my life.  I didn’t exactly know what that looked like, but mixed with the boring job I was doing I needed to figure out a way to travel and be creative.  That’s when I gave myself one year to learn how to film, photograph and write short stories.  That was a lot to learn and plus I needed to save money and build a website so one year turned into nearly three, but once I felt somewhat ready (your never really ready) I quit my job and began this journey.

TP: Your images and YouTube videos aren't only captivating, they are uplifting. What tools do you use to capture your adventures?

EG: Thanks!  I use a second hand Canon 7D camera, and a Canon Powershot camera.  I have a tripod for both and I edit everything in Imovie.  I want to keep things as simple as possible as far as equipment and carrying things around.

TP: I noticed that you do a great job of getting B-roll of yourself, any tripod or other tool tips in this regard?

EG: I just set my camera down on a tripod and then do whatever it is I’m doing.  I must say I always feel so stupid when I film myself doing something.

TP: Do you have any travel tips you have gleaned over the years?

EG: A million, lol.  Travel Light!  I see people with these huge backpacks and I don’t know how they do it.  I started with a huge bag and I over packed, I'm now down to a much smaller bag (almost the size of a carry on) and I think for me it’s about having less.  I basically have 2 pairs of jeans, 10 t-shirts, 4 pairs of shorts and a couple long sleeve shirts and a light jacket.  I also have couple pairs of boxers and 4 sets of socks. That’s all I own in this world and all I carry.  I wash my clothes in the sink each week but I’d much rather do that so I can travel light and move about freely.

TP: What has been the greatest difficulty in this experience? Triumph?

EG: I think that what I'm doing has very little to do with travel, which sounds crazy because I am trying to travel around the world, but it has to do with getting in touch with your True Self.  I think that’s a really hard thing to do and that most people don’t even know what I’m talking about when I say that kind of thing.  So I think the greatest triumph is slowly getting to know my True Self and the great difficulty is to continue down that road of self knowledge when its an unknown road that sometimes needs to be walked alone.

TP: What places are you dying to visit, whether in the area or abroad?

EG: I don’t believe in bucket lists because I think that if you really want to do something in your life that you should do it right away.  Do this, but don’t do this, charge it on your credit card and pay if off later if you have to.

With that said, I did want to get to Vietnam and Cambodia.  I am in Vietnam as I write this and I leave for Cambodia at the end of the week.   Its cliché but true, for me its really about the journey and not the destination.

TP: Where do you hope your travels take you in the future? I mean to say, where do you hope to be in five, 10 years thanks to your work?

EG: Well, as far as travel goes, I hope that I can complete my journey around the world within the next two years and I just hope that I am able to continue to do the things that I love and that I have uncovered new things that I love.  I hope that I haven’t returned to my old life and taken a job with some company just for the paycheck.  I hope I feel inspired, I hope I’m inspiring and I hope I'm healthy.

TP: What has been the best experience in this journey from day job to world traveler? 

EG: Being able to look at a map and they point to where I want to go and then go there.  That is the ultimate freedom and best feeling travel wise.

TP: Lastly, what is something you would like to tell people about your work that they might not consider?

EG: That traveling is just the side story, I hope that when people read my stories, watch my films and look at my photos that they feel something at there core, they then listen to what that feeling is and then they do something about it.  Everything that happens to us is a choice and when I started out on this dream I didn’t know how to write, film or photograph.  I didn't even own a camera.  I made the decision to learn how to do those things and I stuck with them even when during the times they seamed impossible.

TP: Please feel free to let me know anything else that you think readers might want to know about you.

EG: I just want to thank everyone that has followed me on social media, some days can be really tough and I often get kind comments and emails and that really helps during the down times.  Life isn't always easy and living your dream is the hardest thing you will every do on the planet, but I'm finding out that if you keep going and refuse to give up its worth it.