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Social Media Spotlight: Rich McCor Adorns Instagram With Brilliant Paper Cutouts

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | December 03, 2015

Social Media Spotlight: Rich McCor Adorns Instagram With Brilliant Paper Cutouts

Images via Rich McCor

The one thing your travels might be missing is a selection of adorable paper cutouts, which would instantly take a normal Instagram post and turns it into a masterpiece.

By now even the most passive social media spelunker has come across Rich McCor’s delightfully whimsical images that feature iconic landmarks festooned with cleverly placed paper cutouts.

If not, we encourage you to tour his Paperboyo feed on Instagram or pore over details at his budding Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring similar cutouts to your feed.

TravelPulse had the pleasure of touching base with McCor who spoke to his now famous pictures as well as a campaign that is bringing the whimsy to supporters worldwide.

Before we get to that interview, enjoy a video that explains the Kickstarter campaign, which has raised over $2,020 so far with 15 days left to reach its goal of $9,107.

McCor has already amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram. That large number is explained by the clever way he tweaks images of iconic landmarks.

But we wanted to know a bit more behind the artistic mind that set all this in motion.

TravelPulse: You have had quite the amazing rise in social media fame. For the few readers who might not be familiar, how did you get started and what led you to create these images people absolutely adore?

Rich McCor: I joined Instagram about a year ago, and it re-ignited my interest in photography. However I quickly realized that I was taking the same photos as everyone else, so I wanted to come up with a way to take unique photos. That’s when I had the idea of turning Big Ben into a wristwatch with a pretty simple paper cut-out. From there, I started looking for ways to start transforming other landmarks.

TP: You take a great many photos in and around London but also in other places around the world. Was travel always important to you? Has your newfound paper cutout popularity led to more travel?

RM: I started in London because that’s where I live, but also because there’s so much variety in the architecture here. There’s the traditional and epic architecture of St Paul’s Cathedral, but then there’s also modern features like the London Eye. The opportunity to travel came from Lonely Planet who contacted me saying they liked the London photos and wanted me to make some for them. Shortly after that I found myself travelling through Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris.

TP: Where do you get your inspiration whether for paper cutouts or destinations?

RM: I try to design ideas that are unique to specific architecture or landmarks. I’m not really sure how the ideas come to me — I suppose the best way I can describe it is that it’s like looking for shapes in cloud as a child. I’m doing that, but with buildings, landmarks, statues and sculptures. Sometimes the ideas work, and sometimes they don’t.

There’s plenty of photos I’ve taken of other locations which I haven’t put on my Instagram, because they don’t quite work.

TP: Tell me a bit about your exciting new Kickstarter campaign.

RM: When my photos started getting shared around the world, it made me think that there’s a real appetite to create fun and quirky photographs. I started a Kickstarter as a way to produce pre-made cut-outs (so people don’t have to have any craft skills) and they can use these cut-outs anywhere to create their own unique photos. If the project is successful I’ll create a video tutorial with ideas and tips. It would be great to see it come to life, because I’d love to see what people do with the cut-outs, I’m sure they’ll be some incredible photos made with them.

TP: Before you started cutting paper and entertaining the world what did you do? What keeps Paperboyo busy when he isn't crafting new images?

RM: I’m still juggling my photography with a day job, so it’s particularly busy. However I’m always looking to travel and looking for opportunities to take my paper-crafting skills to new places. So hopefully in the New Year there will be some more photos on my Instagram from some new cities.

TP: What plans do you have for in the future whether it be travel or photography?

RM: I’d love to travel to New York. I think the architecture and culture there is ripe for what I do and I’m confident I could create some great images there. I’d also love to be in Rio for the Olympics to make some sport themed cut-outs.

TP: As someone living in London I have to ask if you have any tips for travelers to this amazing city?

RM: There’s so many secret little places, quirky little bars, great places to eat. If anyone’s planning to visit London, message me and I’ll send some suggestions ;)

TP: Lastly, what is something you would like to tell people about you that they might not realize as they pore over wonderfully whimsical images on your Instagram?

RM: I try to include a fact or interesting story with most of my photos; I think this adds another layer of intrigue and interest into my profile. I did this because when I started taking photos in London, I was learning so much about the history of my home city. So I kept doing this, and it’s led to me finding out some incredible things, which has made my travels even more exciting.


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