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Social Media Spotlight: Savoring The Northeast's Beauty With Dual Exploration

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | January 06, 2016

Social Media Spotlight: Savoring The Northeast's Beauty With Dual Exploration

Images via Dual Exploration’s Instagram

There is hardly a better way to appreciate the great northeast from afar than poring over some truly captivating images coming out of Instagram.

Thankfully, we were able to touch base with Brandon and Karissa, two travelers/photographers who found one another on the social image medium and decided to launch a single mesmerizing account.

Some of you may know the tandem as Dual Exploration, an account that embraces the majesty of the outdoors and places it ever so fondly on Instagram for us all to enjoy.

What follows is a brief interview with the two (notations are added to denote who is answering), and it centers on their love of travel and photography.

As you will soon see and read, enjoying the grandeur of this magical part of the world is as simple as lacing up the boots and heading out to discover what nature has for you. 


TravelPulse: After taking a moment to peruse your Instagram account, I immediately noticed that you both have an affinity for the great outdoors. Where do you usually take your images? What does this place mean to you specifically?

Dual Exploration: We do have an immense affinity for the great outdoors. In our free time we are usually found traversing new trails or driving down back roads in search of our next big adventure. We live in New Hampshire so our travels thus far usually take us anywhere in the North East, as we have the luxury of being near the ocean, the mountains and the city. It's just the freedom you feel when traveling to these hidden gems and trying to capture a new perspective which really entices us to keep exploring. - Karissa

TP: What do you do for a living outside discovering the area and snapping off brilliant images?

DE: We both have full-time jobs outside of our Instagram account. Karissa is a departmentm manager for a big box-store doing interior design and I am a photographer who services schools around New England. I am the "picture day guy!" For work, I usually spend about 90 percent of my time driving and traveling to towns that are off the beaten path, and thus I am able to find some really interesting locations that we usually will mark down and travel back to. So far, we have a HUGE list of spots that we've been to! – Brandon

TP: What started Dual Exploration?

DE: We each had very successful personal Instagrams that showed off our individual journeys and lives (We actually met through Instagram!). When we started dating we realized most of our photos were being taken from the same adventures and days that most of our followers were seeing pretty much the same picture twice. We figured it was just easier to share an Instagram and our two styles of photography worked very well together. I feel like we compliment each other in terms of shooting. I always worked best with portraits and he had such a great eye for landscapes. I learned a lot from him when we first started out and now I feel like we are both well versed in both realms. - Karissa

TP: Do you have a favorite place people might not necessarily have on their radar before traveling to the area?

DE: Interesting as it may be, outside of Concord, NH there is a patch of trees that were grown in rows that has become our favorite place to travel to. We came across it sometime during the summer and continue to go as the seasons progress. - Brandon

TP: Your pictures are wonderfully vivid. What do you use to take them? Any favorite apps that you use outside Instagram? In-phone or desktop editing?

DE: We both use Nikon camera bodies (PHEW!). We have a wide arsenal of lenses at our sides but tend to use more of the wide-angle lenses. We mostly lean towards our Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 and the Nikon 24-70mm 2.8. The 85mm 1.8 is such a stunning prime lens in which we use that for portraits. My all-time favorite editing tool/app would have to be VSCO (Visual Supply Company), which I tend to use so much more then my Photoshop. Karissa does most of her editing on her laptop, using Coral Paintshop Prox4. - Brandon

TP: Do you have any travel tips you have gleaned over the years?

DE: Don't be afraid to step out from your own personal comfort zone. Traveling can feel scary at first when you don't know where the road will take you or what you might encounter (like a black bear crossing the interstate through Franconia Notch!). But of course we always travel together so it's always an adventure. Plus we have yet to travel on a plane together — we really enjoy road tripping! So that will be our next travel experience that is outside of my comfort zone.   - Karissa

TP: What places are you dying to visit, whether in the area or abroad?

DE: The Pacific Northwest!! - Brandon

Much like Brand, I would love to explore out west, but I'd also like to head to Canada and check out the Capilano Suspension Bridge. - Karissa

TP: Where do you hope your travels take you in the future? I mean to say, where do you hope to be in five, 10 years thanks to travel photography?

DE: Through our travels I hope it will shed some light on to where we find our "home" to settle down into. Whether it be in Northern New England or on the opposite side in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) traveling together and photography are a big part of our lives and we will continue to do it in the future. We hope to have a studio of our own so people can visit us while they do their own traveling expeditions. – Karissa

We also hope to build many friendships through our travels. Making friends and connections is what gives our photographs character and memories. Possibly even having our own clothing line, dealing with DUAL and lifestyle apparel (top secret information right there ;) ) – Brandon

TP: Lastly, what is something you would like to tell people about travel photography that they might not consider?

DE: Keep shooting. Learn through your experiences and the people you meet. Take your camera everywhere with you! Don't be afraid to get lost once and a while. Sometimes the best places you "find" are completely stumbled upon. - Karissa and Brandon


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