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Social Media Spotlight: Seeing The World Through A New Lens With Misshattan

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | February 17, 2016

Social Media Spotlight: Seeing The World Through A New Lens With Misshattan

Photos via Misshattan

If you want to take the kind of pictures that will turn the world on its head, there is hardly a better place to go than the social media channels of one Misshattan.

That is the online persona of Natalie Amrossi who we were fortunate enough to touch base with recently.

For the uninitiated, you can learn a great deal about Amrossi and pore over a giant swath of her amazing work at Misshattan’s website, Instagram feed and Twitter account.

It’s quite easy to see why this photographer now delights more than 380,000 followers on Instagram.

Each city and skyline come alive with vibrant colors that seem to be painted onto the screen.

Each snapshot may be just a moment in time, but they are something truly more remarkable: a promise of an amazing adventure that awaits in so many cities around the world.

TravelPulse: You mention on your website that you started working in New York City in a financial institution. Can you explain a bit the journey that led you to embrace photography and change your career?

Natalie Amrossi: I think every experience in life helps shape you to become the person you aspire to be; whether a good or bad experience, it all helps ourselves grow. I learned so much working in the corporate world that helps me with my business today.

TP: Your images are truly stunning. What inspires you about a particular city or a specific shot? How do you decide is the best way to capture, say, the Golden Gate Bridge? 

NA: I believe each city has something special that makes it unique and inspiring. I try to explore as much as possible to see different perspectives of the city, which is beautiful in its own way.

TP: You, being Misshattan, have a thorough knowledge of the borough. What are some places that visitors should look for outside the usual tourist traps?

NA: I think people should explore New York outside of Manhattan, whether checking out some boroughs or going upstate for completely different vibes — there’s so much to see.

TP: Do you have a favorite place people might not necessarily have on their radar before traveling to the area?

NA: One of my favorite places to explore is Utah. Mount Zion is awesome, and the homemade BBQ is everything.

TP: Your pictures are wonderfully vivid. What do you use to take them. Any favorite apps that you use outside Instagram? In-phone or desktop editing?

NA: I have two canon bodies - a mark iii and 6d - both great cameras. I usually edit with lightroom (desktop) or snapseed (in phone) outside of Instagram’s editing tools.

TP: Do you have any travel tips you have gleaned over the years?

NA: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’ll never know the places you’ll see or people you meet!

TP: You seem to be extremely well traveled. What places are you dying to visit, whether in the area or abroad?

NA: I’d really love to go to India, Hong Kong and Vietnam — one day!

TP: Where do you hope your travels will take you in the future? I mean to say, where do you hope to be in five, 10 years thanks to photography? 

NA: Time & financial freedom.

TP: Is there anything that has surprised you about the world as you transitioned from life within a financial institution to looking at it through the lens of your camera?

NA: I’ve learned that if you believe in yourself and the hand that you’re dealt with, always take a chance and bet on yourself; go all in or nothing — high risks turn into high returns.

TP: Lastly, what is something you would like to tell people about photography, or travel photography specifically, that they might not consider?

NA: Life gets overwhelming and distracting. Its important to occasionally take a step back, and notice the beauty around you

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