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Some Knucklehead Tried to Charge His Phone on a Broadway Stage

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 07, 2015

Some Knucklehead Tried to Charge His Phone on a Broadway Stage

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Behaving yourself at a Broadway play is rather simple, but it seems some out there need a refresher on the subject.

The Associated Press reports a theatergoer at the “Hand of God” on July 2 decided to charge his phone, going on stage to do so.

The act had obvious ramifications, which we certainly hope included undying embarrassment for the phone-toting party crasher in question.

The report states that the unnamed man with precariously low battery life on his phone “climbed onstage just before the show began to try to recharge his phone in what looked like an outlet.”

The report continues, “Ushers at the Booth Theatre quickly converged, and the young man was pulled off the stage.”

Now we normally don’t condone the use of force, but this is one instance when overt noogies should have been used.

The best part in the entire report is that the outlet this intrepid Broadway enthusiast tried to utilize was a fake, nothing more than a prop that looked real enough to halt the start of the play for some pre-show fireworks.

Officials even had to go out of the way, we presume while rolling their respective eyes, to explain that this was not how you conduct yourself at the play.

The AP states, “A public announcement was made warning patrons to avoid any similar acts, and ushers were stationed near the offender in case anything else untoward occurred.”

So let’s dive into some basic rules when traveling around and enjoying Broadway fare: Turn off your phone or put it on silent mode; Never place a Pez dispenser on your neighbor’s lap and never, ever attempt to charge your phone where the actors work.

Just let that bad boy die a cold death and wait till you get home.

This has been your obvious and previously unnecessary public service announcement.

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