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Stars Of 'Pete's Dragon' Fall In Love With These New Zealand Locations

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | August 17, 2016

Stars Of 'Pete's Dragon' Fall In Love With These New Zealand Locations

Photo courtesy Tourism New Zealand

Chances are you left the theater after watching “Pete’s Dragon” with more than a simple affinity for very big, green dragons. You more than likely left also with an enduring wanderlust for the shooting locations featured in the movie.

Well, you just fell in love with New Zealand. and some of the stars of the movie have taken time to highlight some of the beautiful locations you might enjoy if you ever take the plunge and head south for vacation.

For those who haven’t yet seen the remake of the 1977 film by the same name, or for those who want to relive a touch of the magic once again, the following is the movie’s trailer.

As noted, there are four areas that are offered a dazzling spotlight in the movie: Rotorua, Wellington, Queenstown and Tapanui.

None other than Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard and Wes Bentley shared some thoughts on their time around the country, but before we delve into the possibilities, you might as well take a virtual trip on your very own Elliot with this splendid video that boasts all New Zealand has to offer.

Redford’s Oasis:

As noted, Redford filmed a good chunk of his scenes from Tapanui, which you can find on the country’s South Island, but the actor really immersed himself into the lush treasures around the nation in Paradise, which is the name of the location just west of Tapanui.

If you want to live like an iconic actor, then consider a stay in the lavish Wyuna House, but get there by air thanks to Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters. You will land with Hollywood sophistication.

Obviously, you came here for unbelievable beauty. Consider it your lucky day that accommodations are within an actual nature preserve. You will pay handsomely, however. The website states the four bedroom, five bathroom house runs about $1,000 to $1,600 a night.

Redford and his family enjoyed such wonders in the vicinity as the Diamond Creek walk and Blanket Bay Lodge.

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And if you are looking for high praise, the 79-year-old offered: “It was a very attractive place to be, you couldn’t help smile when you were there and it was a wonderful experience for that reason.”



Photo courtesy Tourism New Zealand

Bryce Dallas Howard’s Home Away From Home:

We think Howard enjoyed New Zealand, more specifically Waiheke Island, which is where she and co-star Wes Bentley were stationed.

Howard exclaims, “Let’s just say I left Waiheke Island and immediately was looking up real estate! It’s a fantastic island with really cool shops, great food and beautiful restaurants. The food is like out of this world sensational!”

We can only presume the actor is continuing her search for property. As Tourism New Zealand explains, Howard not only enjoyed the expanse of the region but lounged in luxury at The Pah, which runs a cool $1,200 per night.

You and your friends can split the bill and fill its six bedrooms.

When you are that close to crystal blue waters, you are going to have a great time. Howard continues on her magical stay: “Waiheke Island I would definitely recommend because the beaches are gorgeous! You also feel like you have gone on an adventure with the ferry ride outside of Auckland and like you have had a break away. I mean it was just epic.”

Wes Bentley Soars:

The actor you may know from movies such as “American Beauty” and “The Hunger Games” was also carousing around Waiheke. In his case, Bentley made a day of it at EcoZip, where you can rush past the foliage on a zipline ride. It’s the prefect way to immerse yourself in the area’s beauty while also sating that need to fly through the air like a maniac.

Bentley had high praise for the area as well, stating that Waiheke is, “a beautiful place, with various landscapes, wonderful people and a very interesting history. It was exactly what I was hoping for and dreaming of.”

You leave the theater with popcorn stuck in your teeth and New Zealand stuck on your mind. Take it from the stars of the mesmerizing movie; this particular part of the world is simply something you can’t pass up.

Just, let us know if you see any dragons.

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