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Take A Nostalgic Look At Universal Studios Hollywood's 'Jurassic Park: The Ride'

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | June 11, 2015

Take A Nostalgic Look At Universal Studios Hollywood's 'Jurassic Park: The Ride'

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Hop aboard a Jurassic Park tour that doesn’t feature dinosaur dining via public bathroom.

Here is where we take a weekly trip in the way-back machine to re-discover all the hilarious and captivating gems that lurk around the Internet.

Seeing as how “Jurassic World” is about to drop jaws across the nation, it seemed prudent to take a look at a tourist attraction that garnered a considerable amount of buzz in the 1990s.

Now we would love to hear from you as to classic commercials and retro marketing campaigns for your favorite tourist destinations, because we may just cover them here.

But first, let’s take a look at that refreshing water-based jam they have at Universal Studios Hollywood, “Jurassic Park: The Ride.”

Now that early commercial is enough to sate our need for 1990s nostalgia, but there was plenty to pick from throughout YouTube, which makes sense. The decade was a veritable haven for over-the-top marketing.

If you have the time, feel free to make it through the E! Network broadcast of the grand premiere of the ride in Hollywood back in 1996:

None other than Downtown Julie Brown played the part of figurative John Hammond, introducing the world to a new attraction.

Not that 40 minutes could be filled with just the host, so we are thankful the soiree included the likes of David Hasselhoff and Noah Wyle who came away from the ride thoroughly entertained.

While the ride has since been replicated like formerly extinct reptiles at places like Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Japan, it saw an immense push the day that it opened.

Even the film’s director, Steven Spielberg, and star Jeff Goldblum were in tow to light a literal torch to start the festivities.

Many of you have undoubtedly enjoyed the ride that remains at the park and features an 84-foot drop.

However, you may want to see what it looked like in its infancy. Now until we get DeLoreans to whisk us away in time, we will have to make do with archived video.

A tip of the hat to Inside Universal for reminding us about this special ride as well as the fact that the decade was very accepting when it came to sartorial decisions.

Sadly, we now want to go back in time to when “Jurassic Park” had not made it to screens and the ride was not yet completed, because it’s an amazing feeling to see these epic accomplishments for the first time.

Perhaps, and it’s a tall order, “Jurassic World” can capture a modicum of the wonder. Because we will be happy with a slice of the magic this '90s franchise delivered.


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